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  • Apple counsel attacks Spotify complaints as 'rumors and half-truths'

    wdowell said:
    Apple could have done things differently - shown variety of streaming services (including its own) within the pop up on the Music App, so it was on an equal footing. Instead it only advertises Apple Music. Apple has an inbuilt advantage and actively exploiting it in a way which undermines competition.

    I expect, frankly, this cannot continue in the way it is now. I expect the EUropean COmmission to investigate properly and intervene like it did with IE on Windows - it'll take years and may end up a nul and void point, but i think Spotify has a point. 
    Oh for fucks sake, this kind of nonsense has to stop. Spotify does not have a point. The EU can go piss up a rope.

    Apple can do whatever the fuck Apple wants to do with its self-created platform and if you don't like it, you can go elsewhere. They are not under any obligation to anyone. This fucking sense of entitlement to everything is pathetic.
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  • Review roundup: iPhone 7 is the greatest iPhone yet, but lack of the headphone jack is annoying

    "If you can get over the all-too-familiar design 
    If you can get over it?!? Good grief, these people have serious problems.

    Daniel Eran Dilger absolutely pinned these people. They have massive ego issues, and think they have (or should have) the power to inform Apple on how to proceed, and when they fail to do so, they become irate.
  • Unexpected success of iPhone SE predicted to drop Apple's average selling price to $637

    apple ][ said:

    Only to the clueless perhaps. Why are analysts so clueless?

    I've been saying since day one that the SE would sell a whole lot. That was obvious to anybody with a clue.
    Its almost as if Apple knows what they're doing and releases products that sell.
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  • Rumor: 'iPhone 7' will come in five colors, including a new glossy black option

    mac_128 said:
    Unsurprising, given that this iPhone likely will look just like the last two. guess which color is likely to be the most popular ...
    The antennae system looks completely different, the back is smooth and seamless instead of cut up, the bottom looks different with no 3.5mm jack, the Home Button will look slightly different with its other changes.

    Exactly how much has to change before it doesn't "look just like the last two"?

    It still a rectangle with an aluminum and glass body and single button on the bottom front and a slit on the top front. I guess it looks just like every iPhone ever made then, eh?

    This false narrative has gotten really annoying.
  • Pegatron CEO slams analysts, 'cautiously optimistic' about Apple iPhone 7 sales

    sog35 said:
    lkrupp said:
    Good to see Apple suppliers chiming in and fighting back. Maybe Apple should try fighting back too. When financials are announced start calling out the nay-sayers by name and wonder publicly if investors should continue doing business with them.
    I 100% agree with this.

    Its time for Cook to take of the kitty gloves and come out swinging during conference calls and even on Twitter during the quarter.

    There is no reason for Cook not to call out analysist, especially when its based on pure lies.  Like Kuo stating the only reason iPhone7 is doing so well is because the Note7 is blowing up. Or the stupid report saying sales of the iPhone7 are down 25% around the world besides the USA.

    A CEO like Musk goes on the offensive when stupid lies like that appear about Tesla. Cook should do the same for Apple.  Its been 4 years since I began investing in this stock and Cook is still allowing these weaklings to strong arm Apple. Its pathetic.
    You love to repeat this all the time, the idea that Cook should act like some 5 year old and (LOL!) "go on Twitter" and say "Nuh uh!".

    Nobody cares what analysts think. Not Apple. And not customers.
  • 'iPhone 7' expected to continue Apple's normal naming conventions, no 'Pro' model

    ireland said:
    Given how similar the design looks to the 6/6s I think it is a mistake from a PR-standpoint to call this iPhone 7. Apple should know better. 
    Given that the fact that "design similarity" matters fuck all to actual sales, of course they are going to call it iPhone 7.

    From a PR standpoint it would be a fucking disaster to not call it iPhone 7. It would embolden the idiot media that have trying to detract from the product before it even exists.
  • Some US airlines prohibiting use of any Samsung phones in wake of Note 7 recall

    Karma is a bitch.
  • KGI: iPhone 7 won't sell as well as the iPhone 6s

    netrox said:
    I compared the camera quality between 7 and 6s  (not Plus series) and have found that 6S is far much better with selfie. I mean way much better. iPhone 7 is actually a step backward in camera quality. I found image quality to be worse on 7. Consumer Reports said that they couldn't find improvements over 6S... but I can say that from my examination of both devices that 7 is significantly worse. 

    The home button on 7 feels weird. 6s feels more natural. 

    Definitely not recommending 7 to anyone... I'd just tell them to get 6s. 

    It takes a special kind of moron to troll with the idea that 7 has a worse camera.
  • Apple's first weekend of iPhone 7 sales roughly in line with earlier iPhones, data suggests

    sog35 said:
    UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.............you need to take into account the larger user base from the iPhone7, 6s, and 6.

    There were far less active iPhones when the 6 came out 2 years ago.
    I don't understand why this happens ever year. And every year I have to point out the same thing.

    Comparing iOS 9 adoption to iOS 10 adoption...if iOS 9 installable base was roughly 1 billion, for iOS 10 it is roughly 1.25 billion. Not even remotely comparable.

    26% of 1.25 billion is more devices than 31% of 1 billion, not fewer.
  • Apple seen building 75M iPhone 7 units by end of 2016, focusing on 7 Plus

    Truth be told, the 7 is pretty much on par with the 7 Plus. 

    Having a built in telephoto lens is great, and definitely a nice perk, but it shouldn't be enough to dictate which model someone gets. When you're not taking pictures you still have to carry it, hold it, use it, for everything else every single day. You ought to be getting the size you want, over any other consideration.

    That said I bought a 7 Plus too.