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  • Apple shares photos shot on iPhone XR

    How did the Eric get the shot of the leaf with the bokeh effect? I thought the iPhone XR was limited to human subjects in portrait mode. Does Apple show pictures taken from third party apps as well?
  • Sprint and T-Mobile agree to all-stock merger deal worth $26 billion

    dougd said:
    I've been a satisfied TMO user for years. I get unlimited everything including tethering for a hundred bucks a month. I never get throttled either.

    As far as I am concerned this is great news, it just means better coverage in fringe areas
    John Legere said T-Mobile will still be magenta, and he will still be the ceo of the new T-Mobile. John continuing to be ceo takes a lot of the worry away. This is great new imo as well
  • Sprint and T-Mobile could reach merger deal by next week, report says

    I really do not want this to happen. T-Mobile is an amazing company by itself. They do a ton of pro customer moves and shouldn’t merge 
    jason leavittktappecornchip
  • Apple Music reaches 38M subscribers, gained 2M in last month

    I’d be curious to know the demographics of the typical AppleMusic user. I have feeling that it probably skews much older compared to Spotify, and not the coveted 15- 34 segment. For example, not one of my son’s or daughter’s friends (late teens to early 20s) — to whom I’ve pointedly asked the question about AM v. Spotify — uses AM.

    You might say that’s just two data points, but between the two of them, I’ve asked more than a dozen kids. Maybe my sample is atypical, but I doubt it.
    Interesting thought. Being a senior in High School, I have a glimpse into what it’s like. Most if not all of my classmates use Apple Music. They all tend to use family plans in which they add 6 people and split the cost down to $2.50 each. One has to pay the full $15 off monthly, obviously the most responsible. Spotify is not as popular as it was in my HS as before.
  • Apple investigating replaceable Apple Watch battery packs

    viclauyyc said:
    Pretty sure this be won’t happen. Apple is not famous for either customization or upgradability. 
    If apple want you to upgrade your watch, that means they want you buy a new one.
    I thought the same, but their Mac Pro is supposed to be upgradable and customizable. It could be a different direction