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  • Apple's Mac sheds marketshare in Q2, sinks to 5th place amid worldwide sales slowdown

    "The 4.9 percent sales contraction was the worst performance put in by a top-five vendor..."

    There's no way to spin that as a positive. 
  • Apple discontinues Thunderbolt Display, no replacement announced

    macxpress said:
    I wouldn't be surprised if they release a USB-C 5K display down the road.
    In the meantime, people will just buy monitors made by someone else like Samsung. 
  • Apple's Mac sheds marketshare in Q2, sinks to 5th place amid worldwide sales slowdown

    mnbob1 said:
    apple ][ said:
    Apple is never going to be #1 in marketshare, so who cares. Making a nice profit is what matters, not making cheap junk and selling it to cheap people.

    What's better? 100 pounds of feces or 1 pound of pure gold? Which would you rather have?

    Well said. The computer company graveyard is full of companies that didn't understand the difference between market share vs profits on quality products. Producing poor quality low grade systems sold at Walmart and Target for market share isn't going to create repeat customers. 

    The truth is is that the PC industry as a whole is collapsing and those that are showing higher market share this year will drop next year after the mass market is complete in fill up. The repeat customers will be those that need to replace systems that have stopped working. Apple has a base of customers that are willing to buy at a premium price and continue to upgrade on a consistent basis. 
    Are you not listening? This thread is filled with Apple users complaining about a LACK of viable upgrade options to their aging Macs. I'm one of them. I've been a hardcore Mac user for a decade, but I'm being driven away by Apple's idiot decisions for the past few years when it comes to Mac hardware and software. They're making all the same mistakes Sony did in the early 2000s with the Vaio line. 
  • 'Very low' expectations for Apple earnings set up positive risk/reward, Wells Fargo says

    The stock manipulators are out in force I see. Time to pump and dump!
  • Despite 9% growth, Microsoft Surface sales remain stuck at around 1M units

    lkrupp said:
    Wait till the DED haters start arriving in this thread. The accusations of spin will be flying like tennis balls at the U.S. Open. But the mighty Microsoft is in great shape. It’s only Apple that is doomed to failure and irrelevance don’t you know.
    Well, Microsoft did actually beat earnings expectations. Companies announce guidance after the previous quarter, analysts chime in, and then earnings come out after the end of the quarter. In Mr. Softy's case they beat those expectations, so this was actually a pretty good quarter for them as far as Wall Street is concerned. 

    The market will look at Apple's next earnings announcement the same way. It's all about whether you miss, meet or beat earnings expectations. 
  • Apple shakes up electric vehicle team, places Bob Mansfield in charge of 'Project Titan' - report

    If Mansfield is in charge, then for me, the Apple Car has become real to me. With Mansfield taking on the Car and Riccio taking on the microprocessors, I believe Apple will have a competitive-to-superior car entry. It just might be time for Musk to start planning his exit strategy (I just had to have a little dig at the man for claiming Apple or any company are too late to the car manufacturing industry). Go, Apple!
    I'm not a huge Musk fan, but there is no way Apple will ever even match Tesla's meager success with cars. Not gonna happen. How in the hell is Appke going to maintain 30-40% margins on something that costs tens of thousands of dollars? It's a pipe dream. 
  • Rumor: 'Aggressive' plans for second-gen Apple Watch could ship 2M per month

    The single most influential improvement they could make with the 2nd generation model would be to dramatically improve the battery life. In my conversations with people who would have considered buying the 1st gen model, that was always the main reason they chose not to. A lot of people just can't get over the fact that there were digital watches 40 years ago that could go two years before needing a new battery. Smart watch or not, 2 days on a charge feels like a major step back. 
  • Rumor: Apple developing power-efficient micro-LED panels for 2017 Apple Watch

    So they can innovate enough to update the watch yearly, but the iPhone is every three years now, and the Mac Pro, Mac mini, Thunderbolt Display, etc. is once in a blue moon? I don't understand their priorities anymore. 
    The Mac Pro hasn't been Apple's fault. If you knew the technical issues at hand, you'd be hard pressed to decide when to update it too. 
    Bull. A company Apple's size and resources needs years to work it out? Not a chance. I have loved Apple, but we need to call a spade spade. They are consistently dropping the ball on the Mac business and now the iPhone business too by going to a 3-yr upgrade cycle. If they release one stinker or mediocre update with that kind of interval it would sink the product line. 
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  • Apple will attempt data extraction on iPhone of teen lost at sea, report says

    I'm sure I'll get berated and belittled for this, but it does seem ironic that Apple has agreed to help in this regard but now routinely refuses requests to aid law enforcement. 
  • Apple shakes up electric vehicle team, places Bob Mansfield in charge of 'Project Titan' - report

    So basically they're starting all over again. 

    Anyone who believes an Apple car will see the light of day before 2021, if ever, is kidding themselves. 

    And by then the big auto makers will have an insurmountable lead.