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  • Disgruntled MacBook Pro users petition Apple to recall defective keyboards

    I'm not really sure as to why/how a keyboard will fail that would require a replacement keyboard. I own two Macs with the butterfly 2 keyboards and I am definitely not a fan, but they are usable. One of my keys didn't really work only after a few months but a few blows of can air did the trick. I have to admit that I was worried as just prying off the keys using a pocket knife wasn't an option with these keys.
  • Apple COO Jeff Williams 'aware' of iPhone, Mac price concerns

    Not buying Apple's argument. When the cost of a Mac mini goes up 60%, Apple Pencil 30%, Apple TV 50% or so, something else is wrong. It's not inflation, it's greed. Imagine the cost of your Toyota Camry up 30% the next year for an all-new design and more HP. It's the same thing and now imagine that if the spare tire was extra.

    Apple is insanely greedy these days. I remember the days when Steve Jobs stood up and say "And it's still $ xx," where xx was the same price was last year. Not anymore. Add a 30% premium and that is the new price these days.

    I make a lot more money now than what I did a few years ago, but cannot stomach seeing a $129 wireless keyboard when I can buy the same thing for $40 at some other place. Sure there may be minor issues between the two, but the issues are minor and not worth the 3x premium I have to pay.
  • First look: Apple's 2018 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    I always thought that Apple intentionally puts in a smaller battery in its laptops than what the chassis can actually fit. This 18% increase in size of the battery (at least in terms of watt-hours) proves my point. Sure some components could have been decreased, but there must have been some dead space in the previous iteration of the MacBook Pro line.
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  • Editorial: Manufacturers, it's time to put more USB-C ports on chargers

    Apple needs to stop being so cheap and put 2 ports on their charger, one USB-C for power delivery for their laptops and at least one USB-A for other things. That would have stopped so many people complaining. Sure they still cannot connect their iPhone to their MBP, but at least it can get power.

    Also, stop including a 5W power brick for their latest iPhones. Apple, the absolutely cheapest manufacturer out there and getting worse. $50 premium if you want a keyboard with a number pad. Absolutely ridiculous. Desktop keyboard without a number pad, is really sad, even if you aren't an excel person. Paying a premium may be ok (not really), but $50 premium is too much. Same goes for their SSD upgrade costs (even with the discount as many of the tiers have the same pricing), and the price premium to upgrade from 16GB to 64GB in their iPhones (what, no 32GB option?). Really cheap.

    I don't game much at all. The last game I really played was AoE 2, but I want Apple to really have a Mac that supports gaming. I'm tired of integrated graphics and no Nvidia support. Apple, during Macworld, used to demo games and how well they run on their Macs. Not for a long time. Only time this happens is with their iOS demos. Would be nice to place the latest and greatest NVIDIA or AMD GPUs in an upgradable Mac without a hiccup. Yes, this is solely Apple's fault. They could play nicer with other people.
  • Warren Buffett says he's holding on to Apple shares, would increase stake at cheaper price...

    As someone else posted above, WB clarified that he himself didn't sell of any of his shares that he purchased. He has 2 other people who work for him who are responsible for about 10 billion in stock and 1 of them sold some AAPL to make room for another stock he had wanted to buy.
  • 2022 iPad review: Decent upgrade, bad lineup position

    I don't understand why reviewers continue to harp on the price of the new iPads. Sure they are more expensive and this is their greatest flaw and should not be ignored.

    But then reviewers add on the price of the Apple keyboard cover and the Apple pencil and and the upgraded iPad and say it is heavier than a MacBook Air now! This is ridiculous for several reasons, one of which is that no one is forcing you to buy any of these things.

    I've owned maybe 6 plus iPads in my lifetime and have never had to purchase a keyboard cover and only purchased the Apple pencil once, which was a huge waste of money. I ended up buying a cheap $8 stylus from Amazon which serves my purpose much better with no charging and no pairing. In fact, I don't even use the stylus on my iPad at all; I use it for signatures only on my MacBook Pro 14".

    I have never had a need for a keyboard cover. I use the iPad for what it is -- a tablet to consume media and that is all. I think most people use iPads for that purpose only. If you need a keyboard cover, buy any of the ones on Amazon for 1/2 the price of Apple's and save big. Complete nonsense if you add on the price for a keyboard and stylus when many people will not have the need for one.

    The iPad when it first came out had none of these things and that is how it should be evaluated as such.
  • Apple working on 15-inch MacBook Air, smaller 12-inch MacBook with M2

    My main laptop now is a 14" MBP. I love it, but my previous laptops have been all MB Airs. Why did I change to a MBP? Well, I just wanted the larger screen. I use my laptop with no external display and every inch of screen real estate is valuable. I just use my laptop for Word and PDF editing along with YouTube and Netflix. My demands are more than met with a M1 MacBook Air, but I spent the extra cash just for the 1+" in screen size. I would love a 15" MB Air. It would be a dream laptop.

    I am peeved that Apple equates larger laptops with faster chips. Apple use to have a 12 (or was it 13") and 14" iBook. Ever since then, all larger laptops meant faster and more expensive chips.
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  • macOS Ventura review: Great features & promise, but not all here yet

    I absolutely love Ventura. Installed it on my M1 Mac mini and 14" MBP. No issues whatsoever..

    Ventura fixes 2 main issues that I've had with macOS.

    1) The system settings/preferences pane being dynamic since the original Mac OS X. I've hated it when  it first came out how it dynamically resizes. So annoying. Also, the categories seem to be arbitrary with sometimes no relation to one another. The new panel is mostly static and categorized a lot better. Still needs some work as some settings seem to be unnecessarily buried.

    2) Stage Manager. Few people might remember this, but the original beta Mac OS X had a single window mode. It was this oblong button on the top of every window. Unfortunately it never made it to the real version. Love how it is now. Takes a slight learning curve to know what my windows were doing, but I love it, because I normally go single window move but not full screen. I don't like taking apps full screen (some of them are ok like Mail), because switching between apps is jarring.
  • Why Apple's Transit Maps are rolling out so slowly

    Totally not buying it. Google Maps had every single major city that I travel to (and I travel a lot) pretty much instantly. Apple Maps has none of the major cities that I travel to still and it has been a much longer time frame.
  • Tim Cook sells off another $29M in Apple stock

    I understand selling the first batch but the selling of this 2nd batch was much too soon.