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  • Apple's weak Chinese iPhone sales blamed directly on high prices

    We're all beating dead horses here, probably.

    But whoever I talk to, Apple fanatics or people who converted from Windows or Anroid over the last few years, agree that Apple's pricing has gone out of hand. Everyone agrees that quality costs money. Yet they unanimously say that the have to re-evaluate whether they can justify buying another Apple device or not.

    Sure, Apple can start lowering prices. But it seems that the damage to Apple's reputation has already been done. In a lot of people's minds they are a company that is selling highly overpriced devices. This makes me sad. It seems like such a foolish mistake to make. I don't understand it. 

    Time Cook keeps talking about how expensive it is to develop these devices. But with the amount of cash the company is garnering every quarter, this seems like a desperate attempt to justify. People are not stupid. Developing the first iPhone, a truly revolutionary device, not evolutionary, with a much smaller marked, must have been very expensive. Yet it cost half as much as today's offerings. In a lot of people's minds - including mine - something just doesn't add up.
  • Apple working with Consumer Reports on MacBook Pro battery findings, says Phil Schiller

    Here's two cents from someone who owned at 15" 2016 MBP for a shy two weeks and returned it.

    I both agree that the CR test was probably not done with due diligence and these MBPs actually have a battery/software problem. I have posted my experience early on and was questioned about my setup when I complained about getting 3-5 hours max when only working in Mail and Safari.

    I don't know if gfxCardStatus displays proper findings on these new machines, but my machine was constantly switching between integrated and discrete - even when just browsing the web. Why? No idea. Now I'm thinking animated adds, maybe? Adds change all the time on websites. Maybe Apple used controlled websites for testing, while CR used real-world websites? Honestly, I have no idea...

    The point is, that I'm glad about my decision not to be a guinea pig. My advice is to wait until Apple has figured out what's wrong with these machines.

    While this CR sucks for Apple, maybe some good will come of it: Apple will try harder once again.
  • Apple announces thinner MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID, USB-C ports starting at $1799

    I'm a mac user for - gosh - 22 years. I was prepared to be "underwhelmed", instead I find myself utterly disappointed.

    Not because the MacBook Pro isn't a great evolutionary machine (I already ordered one), but because it's the ONLY announcement. Seriously, Apple? SERIOUSLY? After all this time of not giving your former core business any loving, THIS is it??

    What happened to making the best products? Make it outstanding, or don't make it? Not updating products for year just so obviously lacks dedication and determination to be the best. They just go where the money is. That's not a good strategy. They should take care of their ecosystem, keep niche products alive.

    And what pisses me off most of all, is that Apple could EASILY AFFORD to keep their "hobby products" (is that what the Mac is these days?) current. It wouldn't hurt them! They could do it. So I really don't understand it. I'm so f**** frustrated with them. *Sorry*
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  • Apple says Spotify 'wants all the benefits of a free app without being free'

    Apple is great in portraying itself as the „good guy“ or „victim“. Excellent press department.

    I’m not saying they are the bad guy in this context. However, given the ludicrous amounts of cash they are accumulating (with margins most other businesses can only dream of), I do wonder if 30% are necessary or greedy.

    It would be interesting to see calculations of what it actually costs Apple to render these services to app makers - but of course we‘ll never ever get that...
  • Apple says hidden Safari setting led to flawed Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery tests

    3. According to APPLE, not CR, the problem is the result of a BUG, not the testing methodology per se. The testing method merely exposed it. How long would it have gone on unnoticed and unfixed if the test hadn't uncovered it? It may not have affected me or you, but obviously some people would suffer from it. This is a positive outcome.

    Actually I think Apple blamed both the methodology and the bug. See their statement:

    “We learned that when testing battery life on Mac notebooks, Consumer Reports uses a hidden Safari setting for developing web sites which turns off the browser cache. This is not a setting used by customers and does not reflect real-world usage. Their use of this developer setting also triggered an obscure and intermittent bug..."

    Note that they use the word "also triggered" the obscure bug. "Also", not "subsequently" triggered the bug. Right or wrong, they seem to be saying both conditions are responsible for the results.
    That's interesting. Maybe THAT's how Apple arrived at these unrealistic runtimes of "up to 10 hours" in their own testing: by visiting the same pre-programmed websites over and over again, allowing the usage of cache? That would be a typical "lab test" for marketing and not real life, where we visit a multitude of different websites that require constant loading of content.
  • Apple Card may reap $1.5 billion, be in top 10 card issuers by 2024

    So the 50 billion of (partly/mostly additional) consumer debt is now a thing to brag about?

    So are 1.5 billion in excessive interest rates?

  • Apple to lower iPhone pricing in key markets after sluggish December quarter

    Start of the end for Apple!
    Remember how Nokia reacted to downfall in sales but eventually it didn’t work?

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not claiming that things are going well for Apple. The current lack of true innovation (sorry Tim) combined with insane pricing ideas (sorry Tim) certainly is a recipe for disaster.

    However, Apple has a very strong foothold with iOS in the enterprise now. That too won't carry them forever, but they have time to make adjustments. No need to dramatize things.

    The problem I see is that they didn't do price adjustments preemptively. Once a company has the public image of selling overpriced products, it's difficult to shake that. That will take time and damage to Apple's reputation has been done, I fear.
  • Editorial: Will Apple's $6k+ Mac Pro require brainwash marketing to sell?

    “And far beyond that, Apple didn't come up with the design for the new Mac Pro because Cook saw somebody's blog or read an email begging for a high-end workstation and then decided on a whim to invest billions of dollars into the multi-year strategies that resulted in the new hardware.“

    Of course they didn’t. They needed one for their own movie making... LOL
  • Inside Apple's fantastically fast new Mac Pro

    My humorous 20 cent about the timing of the MacPro und the sudden seriousness about ACTUALLY catering to the true pro market: 

    Apple plans to go into the movie business, also filming and doing post production on some of the shows. 4K and up, naturally. 

    With what equipment? Powerful Windows machines?? Ouch!!

    Why not build your own computer for it. You have to do something useful with all the cash you’re hoarding. And maybe you can even sell a few dozen. 

  • Extend your Mac display to another Mac with Luna Display 4.0

    anome said:
    That is an interesting idea, but what about keyboard and mouse access? If I connect my MacBook Pro to use my iMac (or Mac mini or Mac Pro) as an external monitor, can I use the keyboard and mouse/trackpad connected to the desktop to control the MacBook? In other words, can you use it as a full KVM solution? Because, for me, that would be a killer option. Especially as I've been trying to work out how to rig a KVM switch to a Mac using a Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. (The simplest way seems to be to have them permanently plugged in via Lightning cables, which seems redundant.)
    Um.. have you heard of wireless keyboards and mice?