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  • Peter Thiel says 'age of Apple' at its end

    "We know what a smartphone looks like and does"

    Didn't Steve Balmer say that in 2007???
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  • San Bernardino shooter's iPhone may hold evidence of 'dormant cyber pathogen,' DA says

    Sounds like they are grasping at straws. Do they have evidence of that in the iCloud backups they have? People need to remember that this was an employer issued iPhone, not his personal iPhone. His personal phone and computers were destroyed.
  • DOJ confirms successful iPhone data extraction, withdraws encryption case against Apple [u]

    Well, this case may be over, but this issue isn't resolved. 
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  • Case manufacturer says Apple likely to ditch Touch ID in 'iPhone 8'

    I’d think that the case makers at this point would know if Touch ID was in the sleep/wake button. They wouldn’t want to cover it if it is. 

    And why in the world would Apple include the Touch ID hardware and not enable it?
  • France says Apple owes 48.5 million euros for unfair iPhone contracts with carriers

    with the (slow) death of contracts and subsidized phones, at some point I can see carriers getting out of the sales of phone all together. Just like they used to be how people bought telephones. Now they are just the service, buy what you want.
  • Apple hit with lawsuit targeting AppleCare+ refurbished devices

    The article suggests the lawsuit will center on the definition of refurbished.  Really?  The lawsuit should focus on evidence, if there is any, that proves the refurbished product she received was NOT functionally equivalent to new.  I'd be very interested to learn what aspects of an electronic computer device, which runs all the exact same software at the same clock speeds, etc, could possibly be defined as not functionally equivalent to every other one in existence.  

    Maybe the speaker surface has deteriorated and will not last as long as a new one?

    Maybe she can somehow ascertain there's only 4,322,568 more clicks of the Home button where a new Home button would yield more lifetime remaining clicks?  

    But these are inconsequential, as a person with AppleCare could simple get another replacement should some physical part wear out sooner than a new one would have.  And These examples would not be supportive of her case, as functionally equivalent implies a part's current status, not its remaining lifespan.  If pressing the Home button on a refurb feels and functions the same as on a new device, then it's functionally equivalent.  Even if ten presses later it dies, though that would speak to the equivalent reliability aspect.  So let's see if this is where the lawyers go.
    Here is the thing, they are saying it impacts value. Yet, I have had many iPhones (and other iOS devices over the years), and sold several through gazelle or the like. Know what they NEVER ask you? Is this a warranty replacement/refurbishment device? They ask if the battery works. They ask if the screen is cracked. So on that ground alone they are wrong. And every site like gazelle is proof there is no financial difference.
  • How to identify all the 32-bit apps installed on your iPhone running iOS 10.3

    Tapping Applications does nothing for me. Am I missing something? Or are all 263 of my apps 64-bit?
  • Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' vanishes from iOS App Store [u]

    “The title is basically a for-pay game that includes a few sample levels to whet player palates.”

    I have a more sinister view. As a $9.99 game it would allow a family of 6 to all have the complete game for $9.99. As an IAP? That same family pays $59.94
  • Rumor: Apple's 4-inch iPhone event pushed back a week, to March 22

    I am thinking with all of this FBI stuff, they may have to appear in places. Best to give it an extra week.
  • FBI's iPhone unlock technique could be kept secret by White House review group

    sog35 said:
    I'm 100% okay with this.

    If the hacking method involves physical access to the phone.

    If I lose my phone or it gets stolen I can easy do device lock.

    What I'm TERRIFIED about is a hack that can be done remotely without me knowing.  Those type of hacks could be used by Russia and China or ISIS.  Those type of hacks can be done on MILLIONS of phones at the same time.  Physical hacking does not bother me because I will KNOW my phone is open to attack and I can do something about it.
    100% on board with this. Apple should be informed if this is a method that is software only, but if it is hardware based, and needing physical access to a device, then Apple just needs to be told "physical access to the device is required" and be good with that.