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  • Apple makes New York Magazine editor Lauren Kern 'editor in chief' at Apple News

    Apple News is the only aggregation service I know of which can block Fox News, New York Post, and Breitbart, completely. That is why I use them nowadays. When Google News can do that I'll start using them again. 
  • Apple fires leader of #AppleToo movement

    So, she said she wants the discussions between her and Apple recorded in writing, and Apple didn't say no, or yes, just went off and assumed she didn't want to participate in that discussion (about IP). The next thing, is she was fired and access cut off. That is the point of contention here. Honestly doesn't look good for Apple, if this is true.
  • Dongles & AirPods emerge as most popular Apple products at Best Buy

    claire1 said:
    Years ago I went into a Best Buy to buy an Airport Express and noticed that they were actually charging more than what it cost at the Apple Store. So I always avoided buying Apple merchandise from Best Buy after that. What I do buy there are the adapters since I usually need them quickly.
    I stopped going there after I bought my plasma TV ten years ago and the guy kept trying to sell me an $80 gold HDMI cable because it made a sharper picture. I asked how that could possibly be given it's a digital connection, and he just stared at me. 
    For the musicians out there:
    Best Buy is the electronic equivalent to Guitar Center.

    AI_lias said:
    I admire Apple for having the cajones, before anyone else in the industry did, to leave behind people who still want to charge their phones at the same time as listening to the headphones (whether phone calls or music), and having yet another worry in the back of their mind about the battery lasting until they're done, or carrying and plugging in an adapter. Only Apple was in a position to do this, no one else could have pulled it off.

    Get out of here with your media-inspired BS.
    I hate how suddenly everyone listens to music while iPhone charges. I don't remember anyone doing that uncomfortable, tangled, 2-wire practice before iPhone removed the jack.

    Reminds me of a stupid youtube video that said iPhone made your wired headphones junk. They literally said that.....
    People have been charging and using headphones all along. You just now hear about it more, which proves the point that it’s a basic use case. But now, it’s not 2 cables, it’s 3: 1 dongle and 2 cables. 
  • Face ID could reach Mac lineup within a 'couple of years'

    In the meantime, just buy an Apple Watch.   It works just as well.  And, if you're wearing a mask, you need it to unlock even your phone.

    Apple Watch unlocking of my Mac works very inconsistently. Can't depend on it. I never know when it will work and when it will not. I'm happy when it does work, and when it doesn't I have no idea why. Meanwhile, for my work computer, I use WIndows Hello which is not perfect but overall works very well. I know there were some cases where security researchers were able to trick it. But if you look at the risk/convenience analysis, its worth it, and it's here and now, not sometime in the future.
  • Apple paying $113M to settle multi-state investigation into iPhone throttling

    mike1 said:
    Crazy they are having to pay out for this as they wee only trying to prevent shutdowns on phones.

    No good deed goes unpunished.
    The power draw of the phone and battery capacity after a period of use was mismatched. That’s a design flaw. 
  • The Apple Park 'spaceship' uses 692 steel saucers to protect against earthquakes

    wizard69 said:
    Sadly if the 1906 Earthquake was to be repeated somebody would immediately blame it on global warming.   
    You think you're funny, huh?
  • New 14-inch & 16-inch MacBook Pro sport M3, and come in black

    Wow, 2023-2024 laptops with only support for one external display... Way to go, Apple marketing department and bean counters: slow clap.
  • M1X Mac mini with more ports could launch within months

    This is the kind of leak Apple was warning about. Knowing that an updated Mac mini will come out within a few months, with faster processor and more than 2 TB ports, will hurt the consumer. People will put off their purchases, and it will rob them of the joy and surprise they would otherwise experience during the Apple event announcing it. And the Apple event announcing it will rob them of the joy of not being able to purchase it on the day of, but having to wait maybe a few weeks for the actual release. Please stop these leaks, spare a thought for the consumers.
  • Compared: New iPad versus 2021 iPad

    Does the new iPad have laminated display?
  • Ugreen's new docking station can extend M1 Mac displays

    Good news, to right the wrong done by Apple by crippling these to only one external monitor. They should have also gone further and include inputs for two computers, so you can switch between two connected computers. It's surprising there's no good solution out there for TB or USB switching between two computers and one dock.