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  • New 14-inch & 16-inch MacBook Pro sport M3, and come in black

    Wow, 2023-2024 laptops with only support for one external display... Way to go, Apple marketing department and bean counters: slow clap.
  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    Let’s see: at a time when screen addiction is really taking a toll on people (just ask kids about their parents, and vice versa), Apple comes out with even more isolating devices like goggles, that produce even more fake realities. Take the effing thing off and get some fresh air and sun. They should have called it Incel Pro. 
  • Compared: New iPad versus 2021 iPad

    Does the new iPad have laminated display?
  • Seven years later, Apple was right to kill off the 3.5mm headphone jack

    For all the slick marketing about recycling and eco stuff coming from Apple, pushing the Airpods with no replaceable battery was not cool. Removing the 3.5 audio port was a mistake, which they could afford to make because they were the gorilla in the industry, and we customers had no choice but to accept, grumble and keep buying their stuff. Same mistake as when they did away with USB-A, which is so pervasive even now. That was another mistake. And another one is to carefully cripple stuff to make people spend more money than they need to (ex. Macbook Air not supporting dual external monitors so less people use it for pro applications, even if it has the power to serve as a pro machine for many use cases). So, you have to take Apple's word and marketing bullshit with a big grain of salt. They do enough good things to keep you in, but barely, and they take full advantage of that loyal relationship they have with you.
  • Twitter sues Elon Musk for backing out of $44 billion merger

    This has nothing to do with bots. Its buyers remorse for a rich guy who suddenly realized that he doesn't want to tie up 20% of his wealth for an idea he only half baked.

    Compressed timeline: Eccentric billionaire wakes up, thought it was a brilliant idea. Consult yes men.  Eccentric billionaire wakes up, thought it was a bad idea, Consult yes men. 

    What ever his actual reasons are it's outrageous that this guy is trolling twitter and playing with peoples livelihood. I'm sure plenty of semi-normal employees have allot of their retirement in Twitters stock and here comes "I do what ever I want and the rules don't apply" Musk. 
    He consulted his Yes men and probably his bot fans on Twitter. He’s known to do that with Twitter polls.