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  • Florida sheriff vows to arrest Tim Cook if Apple won't comply with court orders

    Not sure if anyone who comments here lives in Florida, but Polk County is unanimously known for having the worst, most un reasonable, above the law, full of themselves cops in Florida. This guy is a joke, and so is his county...
  • Bob Iger says Apple & Disney would have merged if Steve Jobs was alive

    At least then the Disney app would be good...
  • French company sues Apple over incomplete HTML5 support on iOS, macOS Safari

    mr o said:
    This is significant.

    This is not simply about HTML5, is it? It is about progressive web apps: They look and act exactly the same as a native app on your iDevice. The difference is that they don't need an App store. You simply download them from the web and use them offline. They're written in simple HTML5, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. 

    Progressive web apps are the future of the web on mobile. I hope Apple recognizes this, and turn the iPhone into a true Internet Communicator.

    Have a look at this video here.  It is a Mozilla talk Chris Wilson did a couple of weeks ago:
    Anything that uses a parser vs compiler as a baseline technology is already inherently inferior. That's ignoring broken standards and largely fragmented toolsets alongside performance and security. The web world with it's current technology stack is leaps and bounds inferior to native application development. There's a reason a first class application is typically native. You are beyond wrong on this. The future will hopefully be distributable and fragmentable binaries that compile natively rather get parsed.
  • How to use Apple's HomeKit Secure Video in iOS 13

    I can’t get the timeline view to show up... period. 200gb plan, 2 homepods, 4 apple tvs, 4 netatmo cameras and 1 wired pro circle. Pro circle will let me chane the camera and motion settings in HomeKit but refuses to display a recording timeline.
  • South Korea ends Apple, Google control of app store payments

    It’s not really a debate, South Korea just forced Apple to rip its products out of their country. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I find it very interesting how far a government will over extend influence. The China 1 hour gaming limit, and this.
  • No native Spotify app for Apple TV 'any time soon,' company says

    Another reason for me to stick with Apple Music....
  • Microsoft plans to replace Outlook for Mac with web-based version

    I hope they get nothing but massive backlash for this horrible move..
  • Apple and the Bot War on Apps

    This was a badly written article and really should be backed up with application developers and statistics. I'm not sure whom approved it, but definitely a rant rather journalism. As a side note, I whole heartedly agree. As a mobile application developer for one of the largest companies in the business, I can say that I don't see a pivot point in the near future for native mobile applications. Web applications are in the same state they were since launch, people want them to succeed when they inherently shouldn't and can't. Apple's focus on extension functionality has bridged native application development with the supposed future of chat bots/etc. Each of these 'future' tools is A.) Integrated into an application B.)Compliments the application. That's what everyone seems to forget :/. A Jenkins integration into Slack still requires Jenkins, just like a Map integration still requires a mapping application. People seem to be asking for monolithic applications more and more when the reality is collaboration and integration.
  • Microsoft throwing developer party at Apple's WWDC, says its iOS apps set 'gold standard'

    Any devs who attend this and/or move to Xamarin should have their dev account revoked. Apple should personally attend this event to gather a list.