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  • Apple's first million HomePods now shipping from Inventec - report

    saarek said:
    An example, to turn up the heating she just says "Alexa, turn up the heating to 19 Degrees" and its done. None of this "Hey Siri", wait 3 seconds and then give an instruction bullshit. 
    I don’t understand the “wait 3 seconds...” part of your comment. When I adjust my heat I say, “Hey Siri, set my basement heat to 70 degrees.” and Siri replies fairly quickly with “I set the heat in the basement to 70. Stay warm!” or something along those lines. No waiting 3 seconds, I just say what I want done. 

    I’ve noticed several times that my devices react to a command almost instantly and all I’m waiting for is Siri’s reply, which is by far the less important part. 
    A little observation here - the problem is that Siri often doesn't audibly/visibly acknowledge that it's heard you for a few seconds. Yes, you can just speak the entire command and be understood, much of the time.
  • Apple & Blackmagic launch new eGPU to match updated MacBook Pros

    ascii said:
    Does it accelerate graphics on the internal display?
  • Hands on: Lenovo's Google-enabled, iPhone-connected 8-inch Smart Display

    It's Android (Google), has a camera on it, so automatic NEVER in my household.
    Something we didn't mention is that there's a switch which not only disables the camera but covers it up.
  • Microsoft at work on iPhone & iPad app for Movies & TV customers

    nunzy said:
    Why should Apple allow Microsoft to poach Apple's customers on Apple's devices? Apple's best bet is to refuse to carry the Microsoft app on App Store. What is the point of being an exclusive supplier if you supply your competitors with profits?

    Apple should not stand for this

    Bear in mind that people wouldn't be able to buy from the Microsoft Store on iOS, simply watch content the already have.
  • Apple updates Logic Pro X & MainStage with external Sound Libraries, more

    Space Designer is one of the oldest features Apple has had in their pro audio software. What about it has been specifically changed?
    Our apologies - we've updated to fill in details.
  • Google Maps to get augmented reality, 'VPS' & other improvements

    AR is the new 3DTV.
    All fluff and no real use aside from some niche tools.

    Take a look at that first image above and consider how you would have to hold your phone while walking or driving to make the AR pictured work.
    Absolutely NO ONE will ever hold their phones that way.
    Arguably, this is companies like Google (and Apple) laying the groundwork for future headsets.
  • Here are the vehicles and receivers with Apple CarPlay announced in 2018

    HeliBum said:
    Not a comprehensive list by any means. I know that the head unit standard in many, if not all, 2018 Dodge Durango models supports CarPlay. I've been shopping those models for a while and I don't believe the 2017 models had it. I wonder how many other models added it in 2018 but didn't have an official announcement.
    Quite a few, almost certainly. CarPlay has become commonplace enough that some automakers don't make a big deal out of it. Typically, we also don't bother if a prior model year had CarPlay.
  • Dutch Apple store evacuates after likely iPad battery incident

    flydog said:
     AppleInsider said:

    This may be related to Apple's discounted replacements, instituted to placate people upset about the company throttling iPhones with weakened batteries. While the company has since made it possible to toggle throttling, people with older iPhones have been flooding Apple stores looking to get battery replacements before they return to $79 from their current $29. More foot traffic may mean a higher likelihood of discovering faults.
    Not really seeing the connection here.  There’s a few unwarranted assumptions here that are not supported by the original Dutch article. The article doesn’t even mention who the iPad belonged to. 
    It's not about the iPad specifically, just the higher incidence of reported battery leaks/fires at stores in general.
  • Microsoft halts sales of Band fitness trackers, says no new model in 2016

    cali said:
     I was thinking about Microsoft earlier. Every market they enter they try to copy Apple and have failed since Zunes.

    Zune, windows mobile, Surface, all leading Microsoft into irrelevancy. Since Microsoft doesn't have a successful mobile platform copying Apple Watch will fail also. At least the band was different but it seems Microsoft is lost without copying Apple.
    I don't know that I'd call the Surface a failure. It's not a colossal hit, but it has its niche. The last two Pro models have been well-reviewed.
  • Google reveals Chromecast Ultra, Google WiFi, Daydream View VR; details Google Home

    sog35 said:
    Google Wifi - great, now Google can see every single website I visit, every single wifi call I make, every single movie I watch......

    Google Chromecast - great now Google can see every single streaming video i watch, music video, song......

    Google Home - great. Now google can listen to me all day long 24 hours a day. Yes there is a mute button, but who knows

    Google VR - this is actually the only device that is 'safe'

    Use your brain people. Google makes 99% of their profits from ads. These devices are simply spy devices to collect as much data on you as your home. creapy as hell. I don't want GoogleBrain listening to my conversations 24 hours a day. And if I have to remember to mute the device, that's ridiculous. 
    How far do you take this policy? Do you never use Facebook or Twitter? Do you only use DuckDuckGo for searches? Do you always browse the web in an incognito mode? Do you never create a permanent account with an online store?

    Because I can guarantee that if you said "no" to any of those questions, you've had your habits tracked by many parties. It's not the end of the world unless you're just that committed to privacy.

    And no, the Google Home won't be recording everything you say 24/7, unless perhaps the NSA decides to tamper with your device. It's no worse than an Amazon Echo from what we know.

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