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  • US Senator demands Apple & Google pull app used by Saudis to oppress women

    entropys said:
    Regardless of the merits of this app (or not), this is a politician “directing” a private entity to do something about a third party’s product. In another country no less. Fascist.
    Please be careful about throwing around the fascist label in the forums.

    This isn't an order, we should note - it's just a plea, which Wyden or any other person is entitled to.
  • Apple takes memoji-themed Apple Music ads to YouTube ahead of Grammy Awards

    Remember, Apple's GUI is based on work by Xerox.
    Does anyone know anyone that actively follows Apple's YouTube channel? If it wasn't for seeing these things on AI I would have no idea they even existed.

    Side question: are these songs currently nominated for Grammys? Out of the three there was only one that I didn't cringe while listening to. I'm sure that's different for different people and is another reason I couldn't care less about the Grammys/Golden Globes/Academy Awards/etc.
    Well, the Grammys have been infamously tone-deaf for decades now. The voters often seem to go by sales rather than their own tastes, not to say the latter would produce better results.
  • HomeKit coming to new smartlocks by August & Yale

    gatorguy said:
    I'm pretty invested in smart-home gear and gadgets. Smart-router, smart-wifi pucks (several), smart-smoke detectors (several), smart-doorbell, smart-cameras (several), smart-lighting (a lot), smart-speakers (again several), smart-outlets (yup a few of those)...

    A smart-door lock on my smart home is where I've drawn a line for now. Just not confident in that one quite yet. My cleaner has a key. My immediate family has keys. No one else has a need to be in my home if I'm not there, and the extensive hard-wired and independently powered security system I have lets me know if a door or window isn't secured.

    TBH I'm surprised when folks I know say they plan to get a smart door lock unless they're showing the house for sale or rent. That one I can understand.  
    The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect I have has been solid. It's not necessary, strictly speaking, but it's convenient for automatically locking and unlocking whenever I leave or return, especially if I'm carrying something heavy.
  • Apple posts detailed roster of first AirPlay 2-equipped TVs

    ElCapitan said:

    Does all these TVs announced with AirPlay2 undermine the market for AppleTV?

    Usually you can install a large number of applications (many Android based) on these TVs that mirror the most popular apps on ATV. With the addition of the ability to stream both video and audio from Apple devices to them, an ATV suddenly may seem like a product in search for a solution.

    To a certain extent, but many people will still want to upgrade older TVs, or improve their experience on recent ones. AirPlay is less convenient than picking up a Siri remote and whipping through apps.
  • Judge tosses lawsuit against Apple over Meltdown & Spectre vulnerabilities in iPhone & iPa...

    The pictured game is Sky, which isn't out yet: