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  • Testing the speed of iOS 11 versus iOS 12 on the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2

    entropys said:
    tylersdad said:
    I realize this isn't the final release of the OS, but...

    The results for the mini don't really seem that impressive. You're saving a second here and there on apps that take 15+ seconds to launch. It's nice to see Apple focusing on improving performance, but this will likely do little for those of us who don't buy the latest and greatest.
    1: its beta. You might have a case if the final doesn’t meet your exacting standards.
    2: you will be surprised how little things add up to a snappier feel.
    3: what other company on the planet supports smartphones this old? Maybe pixel devices. No one else. I suggest you take a good look at yourself.

    @Entropys, your closing statement is nothing short of bullying and pretty unacceptable. Why does @tylersdad need to take a look at himself? Because he was unimpressed with the results? When I read the article I was too - it was nothing like the magnitude spruked in the keynote... so some of us are disappointed with this first round of results. If it’s a valid exercise to test the beta and publish preliminary results, then it’s valid for everyone to be able to express their reactions to it - constructively & without being shut down.
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  • Australia fines Apple $6.7 million over misleading 'Error 53' repair practices

    Apple & Samsung have poor records of correctly advising customers of their legal rights to repair and replacement of faulty goods under the Australian Consumer Act here downunder. The act was long in place before they traded here and they entered this market with eyes wide open. The laws are so strong that there’s actually not even a good case to take out AppleCare. Our rights for repair or replacement of faulty goods cover a “reasonable period” of time based on cost of the item. We can even insist on a new phone rather than a refurb, if a new phone is still available. 
  • Apple paid fine for hazardous material handling at North Carolina data center

    thrang said:
    Should Macy's means test your income level before telling you the price of a sweater?
    And why would a small violation in one state have a fine based on the entire net worth of a one of the largest corporations in the world.
    Equality is a good idea. Try it, you'll like it.
    Well now that depends on what they do with that information.

    If Macy's wanted to discourage me from going back to their store, then increasing the price of the sweater from 5% of my monthly pay to 20% of my pay would certainly make me think twice about going back there. 

    Much in the same way as increasing Apple's fine from 0.004% of their revenue to 0.5% might make them think more about the (business) risks associated with incorrect hazardous material handling. 

  • Melbourne Apple Store proposal loses controversial 'pagoda' design

    I really love Fed Square. I can appreciate the scepticism about it’s design when you look at a photo on the web. To be honest, you need to stand in the middle of it in person to fully appreciate the space. And it’s part of the Arts Precinct in Melbourne so don’t be that surprised that the design is way out there. 
    As for Apple’s design, the new cube will definitely compliment the surroundings better than the original. As a purely commercial entity they are incredibly lucky to get the space at all - it is supposed to primarily be a public & entertainment space. 
    Hopefully the new store design is enough to mute the politics a bit and get the thing built. 
  • Super fast bionic glass: iPhone 8 Review

    Guys, is this an objective review or a marketing sheet from Apple? I love Apple products and am a committed customer but I really wish this site would also do a serious review about the fact that many of us are really disappointed with the 8/X/Watch offerings. There's not a lot of evolution in them in terms of User experience or features. Wireless charging is great - but I've been doing that on the 7S with a cheap Qi add-on for over 6mths now. Photos are great - but I get frustrated that my friend's Samsung still has better click and point shots/video when we're at the same concert. I don't even bother to post mine online. Airpods are great - but I still need to use the buttons on the phone to change the volume... or have the music go silent while Siri listens to my request to turn it down a notch. LTE on the Watch is great... but i still can't get through a full day without having to charge it... so don't count on recording your sleep patterns followed by an early morning jog. Maybe if the Apple developers & execs had to pay full price for all the upgraded models (relative to their income) they'd look at the "value-add" of these new models in a different way.