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  • Australia fines Apple $6.7 million over misleading 'Error 53' repair practices

    Apple & Samsung have poor records of correctly advising customers of their legal rights to repair and replacement of faulty goods under the Australian Consumer Act here downunder. The act was long in place before they traded here and they entered this market with eyes wide open. The laws are so strong that there’s actually not even a good case to take out AppleCare. Our rights for repair or replacement of faulty goods cover a “reasonable period” of time based on cost of the item. We can even insist on a new phone rather than a refurb, if a new phone is still available. 
  • Testing the speed of iOS 11 versus iOS 12 on the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2

    entropys said:
    tylersdad said:
    I realize this isn't the final release of the OS, but...

    The results for the mini don't really seem that impressive. You're saving a second here and there on apps that take 15+ seconds to launch. It's nice to see Apple focusing on improving performance, but this will likely do little for those of us who don't buy the latest and greatest.
    1: its beta. You might have a case if the final doesn’t meet your exacting standards.
    2: you will be surprised how little things add up to a snappier feel.
    3: what other company on the planet supports smartphones this old? Maybe pixel devices. No one else. I suggest you take a good look at yourself.

    @Entropys, your closing statement is nothing short of bullying and pretty unacceptable. Why does @tylersdad need to take a look at himself? Because he was unimpressed with the results? When I read the article I was too - it was nothing like the magnitude spruked in the keynote... so some of us are disappointed with this first round of results. If it’s a valid exercise to test the beta and publish preliminary results, then it’s valid for everyone to be able to express their reactions to it - constructively & without being shut down.
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  • Plex News comes to Apple TV, iPhone & iPad with over 190 sources

    I'm very cautious about Plex these days.
    The Plex App for ATV has had problems with video stuttering ever since they released it two years ago.  You just can't reliably stream high res video from your personal library.
    Huge complaints on their forums (forums are hidden unless you pay to be a PlexPass holder) and a heap of additional analysis done by the Users when it was realised that Plex were more interested in adding new features rather than fixing core functionality.  It's a beautiful looking app... but oh, so many problems.