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  • McLaren Automotive denies reports of Apple buyout talks

    Notice how they said they specifically said weren't in "investment" talk with Apple, but didn't say anything about being bought out completely... 
    brian greentdknox
  • Apple, other tech companies decry North Carolina anti-LGBT law

    designr said:
    As long as someone isn't hurting you or anyone else, physically, mentally, or via discrimination; just let them live their life. 
    Now this (hurting someone mentally) is where things get pretty squishy and gray and tricky pretty quickly isn't it.
    Sure, but that's not all that relevant to the discussion. Unless someone is seriously trying to argue that simply seeing a honest transgender person in their bathroom is hurting their sensibilities. Maybe I should've left mentally out, people are certainly over sensitive in that area these days. Just be nice to people and leave them be, it's not that gray or hard, or at least is shouldn't be...
  • Apple, other tech companies decry North Carolina anti-LGBT law

    These arguments in favor of this discrimination law simply don't hold up to more than superficial logical scrutiny.

    Basically what I'm hearing is that this is a great idea because it prevents a heterosexual biological male from lying and saying he is transgender and identifies as a women so as to prey on women.

    Okay, but if that's what you're worried about, what's to stop that same man from walking into the women's restroom, flip the situation around, and say that he was born a biological women but transitioned to a man. Because he was born a women, regardless of the transition, he would use the women's restroom in this system. Because there are genuine transgender people who are indistinguishable from the opposite sex, so you really don't know.  And that's not dealing with the issue of a homosexual pedophiles.

    So unless you're planning on having an inspector at the door verififying genitalia or a third restroom for all transgender people, this law achieves NOTHING constructive. It just opens the door for honest, hard working, tax paying citizens to be discriminated against. 

    In fact here is a radical idea, make all bathrooms unisex, just all stalls with doors, you do your business in private and surely we can wash our hands with the opposite sex. Like all responsible adults you are aware of your surroundings and you look out for people abusing the system, which you then report to the proper authorities. Given that 99% of people are not pedophiles there would be more eyes on the lookout with unisex bathrooms. And while we're at it, teach children that the human body is a normal beautiful thing, and to respect other people and their bodies.  

    No laws required just respect and common sense.
    Except it isn't a discrimination law. 

    Its a PRESERVATION law. 

    The wording gets changed by those who want to crush it and eome people buy it. 

    The he only discrimination is against people like me who would like to avoid the obvious pitfalls of such a foolish line of thinking to allow what amounts to unisex bathrooms. 

    Common sense people. 

    Splitting hairs about wording notwithstanding. It's irrelevant to the fact that without creating some identification system to prove your gender, or creating a third transgender bathroom. This law achieves NOTHING. 

    Inmocent until proven guilty, a philosophy we have as a nation that it is better that 10 criminals walk free rather than 1 innocent man be incarcerated. This is just making honest, hard working, tax paying transgender individuals jump through hoops and be uncomfortable on the off chance that some pedophile wants to dress up in drag and abuse the system. Just keep your eyes open, like you should be in any case, but leave people be. As long as someone isn't hurting you or anyone else, physically, mentally, or via discrimination; just let them live their life.