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  • Apple board member Al Gore sells $29.5M of company stock

    Wow, nothing brings out the right-wing nutballs like an Al Gore story...
  • Google is downplaying Android to focus its future on Chrome OS

     i could care less about "facts" or "ios is better than android" my point was that i have read a lot of Dilger articles and they all seem to have anger to anything that isnt an iproduct. I have to say i do laugh at his articles a lot. and FYI i aint a fanboy, i have an ipad 2017 edition and a moto g5 plus and my laptop runs linux. and btw i have had more problems with ios than android.
    "I couldn't care less"
  • Apple loses ground to Samsung in European smartphone market

    mike54 said:
    It's not rocket science. Why pay $1800+ when you can pay $300 and which does the things you want it to. Of course there are other reasons beside cost that make people choose iPhone.

    The biggest winner here is not Samsung, it is Google.
    Where do you get $1800?! The article specifically says that in the UK, the iPhone XR is 749 GBP, the equivalent of $905. That’s 50% of your claimed price, used to make the comparison absurd.
  • How to delete all of the Siri recordings that Apple may have of you on Mac or iOS

    jdw said:
    Quality assurance" -- ha!  Siri is a brain-dead bozo who after years of "training" still cannot pronounce my daughter's name correctly.  
    You know that you can easily train Siri to pronounce your daughter‘s name correctly, don‘t you? Siri couldn‘t pronounce my daughter‘s name correctly either, until I used its built-in capability to do so.
  • Florida pro soccer team's new iOS app cuts out ticket middlemen

    I love this idea! If there is any way to cut out leeches such as Ticketmaster, that is 100% super in my book!
  • Apple's HomePod lands in Japan on Aug. 23

    I love my sweet sweet sounding HomePods.
  • TP-Link cancels HomeKit plan for Kasa smart plug mini

    dewme said:
    Pre-announcing HomeKit support is a well-worn marketing device for IoT manufacturers that have little, if any, intention to deliver.
    At this stage it’s fair to label such companies as frauds, because there have been enough companies that had struggled or scaled back their HomeKit intentions to give pause to anyone that wants to legitimately launch such a feature.
    Companies that are in the business of making money always have to adapt to market demands. There's nothing fraudulent about cutting your losses and bailing out of a venture that does not appear to have the kind of downstream profitability that guided your original intentions to jump into the market. It's called being smart and being data-driven and overcoming emotional inertia.  
    Eh, it’s called fraudulent practice at worst and patently dishonest opportunism at best. Such companies want access to the insanely large base of iOS and MacOS users and promise “future” HomeKit support to snag sales. HomeKit users wouldn’t purchase their products without at least such a feature “promise”. Many, in fact, bought Ring devices because of just such a promise. Almost 3 years (and an Amazon takeover later) and Ring has yet to issue its advertised HomeKit capability. Even after the Amazon takeover, Ring kept responding publicly to queries on their blog and twitter feed they were still “working on a HomeKit feature roll-out”. That is also fraudulent - just another attempt to entrap unknowing Apple users. SimpliSafe teased the same promise for their system over 18 months ago, with still no HomeKit available today. These are but just two examples. For companies who fraudulently make a specific HomeKit feature promise, such as TP-Link, they should offer their dupes/marks/suckers/victims a full refund for whichever “HomeKit” SKU they purchased, once it is obvious (or admitted) that HomeKit capability will never be delivered. This marketing behavior is known as “bait and switch” and there are laws in place to guard against this FRAUDULENT practice.
  • At Samsung Unpacked, CEO Satya Nadella escalates Microsoft partnership

    Too little, too late.

    If Samsung has rushed these devices in the same way they rushed the Note 7 out the door to beat the iPhone 7 in 2016, maybe they will explode spontaneously as well. Ahhh...maybe Samsung only rushed the Note 10 in the same way they rushed the Fold. In that case, these devices will simply fail in the hands of reviewers. In either case, Samsung has the same litany of gimmicky features (like monkeys blindly hurling their poop against the wall to see what “sticks”) that will be hardly remembered in a year or two.
  • Microsoft creates tool to help Apple users migrate data from Mac to Surface

    I still hold out hope that Apple will NEVER make an iMac with touchscreen. Why would I want to touch the screen of any Mac I own? That is why I have an iPad.
    watto_cobraration al
  • Global notebook shipments up with Apple showing biggest growth


    Unfortunately Angela has left. Let's hope the new guy is good but I've learned no matter how good a person is(See: Tim Cook) people will bash them to the ground and could do a better job themselves.

    I'm still surprised Apple hasn't fired everyone and replaced them with commenters from AppleInsider. /s
    The new “guy” is a woman - Deirdre O’Brien.