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  • Compared: 2021 iPad Pro vs 2020 iPad Pro and 2018 iPad Pro

    One thing you left out of this article is that while the price difference between the 2020 and 2021 at the 128/256/512 config is $100, that rises to $300 at the 1TB config.  I realize there is more ram 16GB vs. 8GB in the 1 TB vs. the smaller storage configs, but does this kind of RAM really cost $200 to double?  How much of a performance increase does the 1TB have over the 512GB model?  Is the 16GB necessary for the extra storage space for caching or something?  

    I was seriously considering the 1TB model until I saw the price discrepancy. Now I want to know what I'm getting for that extra $200, the cheapskate that I am. 
  • Female Apple employee put on administrative leave following tweets about sexism in the wor...

    I recently was giving a presentation to higher-ups and noticed I was raising my pitch at the end of my sentences.  I caught it, apologized, fixed the issue.  Later in the week i was thanked for bringing it up by a manager at the meeting.  Not sure what causes it but it is highly annoying to hear statements sound like questions.  I need to go to Toastmasters or something.
  • Apple hints at future plans for Magic Keyboard for iPad

    Brydge's Pro Max keyboard for the 12.9 is amazing, but even with its heft, there are still hinge issues.  There must be a happy medium between these two designs that allows a 12.9 iPad Pro to be counterbalanced by the keyboard, be easily openable, and not break the hinge when opening too fast.  Brydge's hinge does not seem like it will last - I've gone through one with my 12.9 and the second one is starting to show some damage.  It is a real issue if you want the iPadPro to be a laptop replacement (I certainly do).
  • Rumor: Apple has made mockups of iMessage for Android with 'Material Design'

    Maybe make the android iMessage app *receive* all the cool gifs and extras that are new in iOS10 but not be able to send them. That way iPhone users can force Android users to respond to their messages and see what the iPhone can do, saving iPhone users $$$, but still crippling the Android experience. Apple is good at crippling, sounds right up their alley.