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  • Apple hints at future plans for Magic Keyboard for iPad

    Brydge's Pro Max keyboard for the 12.9 is amazing, but even with its heft, there are still hinge issues.  There must be a happy medium between these two designs that allows a 12.9 iPad Pro to be counterbalanced by the keyboard, be easily openable, and not break the hinge when opening too fast.  Brydge's hinge does not seem like it will last - I've gone through one with my 12.9 and the second one is starting to show some damage.  It is a real issue if you want the iPadPro to be a laptop replacement (I certainly do).
  • Female Apple employee put on administrative leave following tweets about sexism in the wor...

    I recently was giving a presentation to higher-ups and noticed I was raising my pitch at the end of my sentences.  I caught it, apologized, fixed the issue.  Later in the week i was thanked for bringing it up by a manager at the meeting.  Not sure what causes it but it is highly annoying to hear statements sound like questions.  I need to go to Toastmasters or something.
  • Delta deploying iPad Pro as pilot electronic flight bag upgrade

    Lkrupp? Cheaper? Of course.  Better and more reliable?  No way in h3ll.  More open?  I don’t want my pilot having his maps hacked and my trip to Vancouver ends up in San Antonio.
  • Apple previews iPadOS 15 with home screen widget support, system-wide notes

    Is Swift automagically uploading to App Store the same as Xcode?  Hopefully all the WWDC holdouts will cancel their pre-orders and my late-June/Early July shipping estimate for my 1TB 12.9 will automagically turn into this Friday.  Let's go!
  • Apple engineers dish on no macOS for iPad & why 11-inch model didn't get mini-LED

    Instead of having the iPad run MacOS, what about having certain MacOS apps run on iPadOS, kinda like the reverse of running iPadOS apps inside MacOS.  That way it is on the developers to do the ports instead of Apple to re-write the system software and expect every developer to stick to a pre-defined set of input controls.  The reasons why windows touch sucks 1) most apps are not designed for touch and 2) most apps are not designed for touch.

    Maybe I'm being naive here, but why can't apple continue to advance the iPad system software and let the developers make apps?  What exactly about iPadOS is really the cripple (besides single user, crappy file structure, no time machine, etc)?  Or Is it because X application doesn't run on iPadOS?  If the latter, doesn't that mean it is up to the developer to make one?  For me, I'm about to go all in on iPadPro, replacing my slightly aging 2007 17-inch MBP with the 12.9 2021 "lensflare" model.  I don't think there is much that I can't do on the iPadPro that I can do on a Mac productivity-wise.  Perhaps there are necessary work-arounds.  Is there a list somewhere that compellingly lays out why MacOS is better than iPadOS, and these things would be solved by porting MacOS to iPadPro without losses of the iPadOS benefits?