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  • Apple explains why getting iPhone apps outside the App Store is a bad idea

    rcfa said:
    It’s one thing to warn people against the practice, it’s another to prohibit people from doing something on devices they own.

    if I wanted to install Android on my iPhone (not that I ever wanted to) I should be able to do it: it’s my damn hardware.

    Apple can warn against a practice, refuse software support for devices with sideloaded apps, etc. but prohibiting, is another matter.

    Having used NeXTstep (aka macOS, iOS, Darwin) since version 0.8 I’d like to e.g. run a NeXT emulation software. With a “huge” hard drive back then being 8GB (split in four 2GB partitions) and a lot of RAM being 128MB, emulating a NeXT cube and running legacy software is something the iPad Pro can do without breaking a sweat. But it’s not possible without side loading and even that was sabotaged in the latest iOS releases. For no good reason, on a device of that class. Running things well isolated in a virtual machine isn’t or shouldn’t be a security risk.

    Heck even running virtualized macOS or Windows should not be an issue, that’s the whole point of virtual machines. Heck, Apple could run a virtual iOS session for third-party apps, totally isolated from the AppStore side of things.

    The excuses Apple brings for saving its revenue stream are transparent and invalid, at least as far as the latest crop of devices and their powerful hardware is concerned.
    So why not just get an android phone? There are plenty that have similar or better specs than iPhones. This is what I don’t understand. If you want the experience of being able to do all the things you want there are plenty of devices that allow you that freedom. Why buy a phone that has the “restrictions” Apple has? 
  • Florida governor signs bill to curb 'big tech censorship' of politics

    Parler is not a "right-wing" social media app.  That is patently false.  Parler is a free speech app.  It was and is populated by conservatives and libertarians, but welcomes all viewpoints, including those left of center.  It was never designed or marketed to be a right-wing social media app.  
    You either know nothing about Parlor or you’re just flat out lying. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the group think is harassed and threatened on Parlor. It’s all about free speech but only if it’s the “right” kind of speech. 
  • Phone from 'The Matrix' resurrected in the modernized Nokia 8110 Reloaded

    cgWerks said:
    If it ran iOS, I might be interested. And, the flip-phones were much nicer than the slide ones. I can't remember what brand/model I had around 2000 anymore, but I loved that thing in terms of ergonomics of a phone.
    Motorola V60? That and the startac were my favorite phones before my crackberry 
  • Instagram will evolve into a TikTok-like service, with push into video content

    Sucks for photographers but I guess this is a good opportunity for someone to create a new photo sharing app 
  • Apple, Facebook & Google - How California's new privacy measures apply

    j2fusion said:
    Many still need a valid email address. 
    I have a “throw away” Gmail account that I use for these types of situations. 
  • Apple HomePod smart speaker preorders begin Friday, shipments start Feb. 9

    Rayz2016 said:
    macxpress said:
    Bring on everyone picking it apart piece by piece of what's wrong with it and that a product that was delayed should work 100% perfect. I'm sure everyone will bitch about Siri right off the bat because it can't do one little thing. 
    You know what’s worse? The folk who’ll bore us with their home set up before rubbishing it. 

    “Well, I’m sitting in front of a 12 foot by 12 foot Horn of Gondor rig tricked out with Siren of Death Tweeters, an Earbleeder Speaker just for the bass, a Crustbuster Subwoofer because I can, and a Brassiere Flange Turntable encased in a block of solid Adamantium. My wife has taken the kids and left, the cat has moved into a house in the next town, the dog is deaf and the local airline complains of air turbulence when their jets  fly over my house. I sold a kidney and a lung to buy this setup, so why in the world would I want a piece of junk like the HomePod??”

    🤣🤣🤣 This made me laugh out loud for real. Funny and sad but true at the same time.  
  • Apple execs explain how Apple Watch could replace your wallet and keys

    Yeah, who wants to hand over their phone to a cop, who will dutifully take it back to their car, hack it and dump all it's contents while ostensibly "checking your id"...
    I think it would be more like a boarding pass now. You can get all the info without unlocking your phone.