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  • Editorial: It's time Apple allowed third-party Apple Watch faces

    I have been saying this since the first Apple Watch. Apple needs to facilitate a watch face store so people can purchase branded, stylized watch faces that reflect individual interests. The commerce would be huge.

    I think they already have some decent solutions for functionality with the complications. The quality that’s really lacking with the watch faces is culture and personality.
  • Apple Vision Pro Optical Inserts pairing process and other details revealed

    sloaah said:
    Sadly this confirms what I had suspected - the Vision Pro will essentially be unusable in any film festivals, exhibitions, immersive experiences etc.

    It’s a big deal because I think the majority of people’s engagement with VR and immersive AR over the next ten years will be in these formats. A VR/AR immersive experience in an exhibition venue will always have the advantage of more immersive environments, by allowing users to walk around, interact with physical objects, wear haptic backpacks etc. 
    It will still be used at events regardless. If you have perfect vision or you wear contacts, optical inserts aren’t even necessary. The option to wear optical inserts for people who wear glasses is a luxury we haven’t have at these types of events in the past. Thankfully it sounds like they’re working on adaptive liquid lenses for a future version of the device which adjust to your vision without the need for optical inserts.
  • First video of functional Lightning EarPods hits the web

    Fanning the flames of rumors claiming Apple plans to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from its next-generation iPhone, a video posted to YouTube on Friday shows off what appears to be a pair of functional Lightning-only EarPods leaked from Chinese parts suppliers.

    Like other recent parts leaks, including fresh photos published today, the headphones featured in EverythingApplesPro's video look identical to current EarPods iterations. Instead of terminating in the usual 3.5mm TRRS plug, however, this new version sports Apple's proprietary Lightning connector.

    In the minute-long showcase, an unseen narrator is seen plugging the supposed future EarPods model into an iPhone running some flavor of iOS 9. He plays a music track from YouTube and proceeds to demonstrate that the multi-function remote control is operable, in this case managing pause/play and volume settings. The remote's microphone was not tested.

    While the video bears the title "iPhone 7 EarPods," it offers no evidence to support claims that Apple will in fact bundle the headphones with an upcoming iPhone model. Indeed, aside from a design shared with current EarPods, the short clip contains no clues suggesting the device is a legitimate Apple product.

    That being said, Apple is widely expected to debut a next-generation iPhone with updated internals this fall, the most contentious change being a switch away from the ubiquitous 3.5mm headphone jack format hinted at in supply chain rumors and a multitude of parts leaks.
    The size of the connector aside, the very design and plastic is wrong. You can easily tell that it is fabricated. Everyone is also WAY off the mark here. It’s not Lightning Headphones that will bring about this dramatic design change. It’s going to be wireless earbuds. Truly wireless earbuds are just now hitting the market, and Apple isn't among them. Considering the Beats acquisition, this is a logical next step for Apple. That said, the wireless earbuds might be chargeable through the Lightning port, same as the Apple Pencil to iPad Pro. We’ll see if I’m right soon enough.