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  • 'Store' no more in rebranding of Apple retail outlets

    Paralysis said:
    Makes sense as no one ever says I'm going to the Target Store or Walmart Store. But I think the website should say Apple - The Domain, or Apple, The Domain. That clearly identifies it as the store name, then location.
    By the same token nobody I know says "I am going to go to Apple". Adding "domain" is not going to help it roll off the tongue any easier. Whenever I hear someone say they want to go to the Apple Store they say "I am going to the Apple store". I can't possibly see them saying "I am going to the Apple Domain". It just doesn't sound right.

    I guess it doesn't matter much. But I think that "Apple Store" rolls off the tongue much easier then "Apple Domain"and I dont see a reason to change that. Maybe in the long run this change makes sense.

    However I would guess that at least 50% of the people who go to the Apple stores don't know the definition of the word "domain". Add to the fact that the Apple Store is still a store no matter what you call it. Its sole purpose is still to sell you things and help make a profit for Apple.
    Are you joking? I'm 99% sure that the word "domain" will never be heard. It's a placeholder. If the retail location is in Toledo, it'd be "Apple Toledo". Nobody will be saying "domain"
  • Apple polling MacBook Pro owners on use of headphone jack, other ports

    zoetmb said:

    But I do agree that this survey is not about the upcoming Macs because those have probably been long designed already if not already manufactured.  It has to be for next year's Macs.   
    Wishful thinking, LOL, This survey is proof that the next Macbook Pro update won't happen until next year. It would only take them a couple of months to make changes and start production, so it could still happen early next year. But it won't be in Oct. or Nov. or Dec.