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  • Apple's Swift developers discuss enhancements coming in Swift 4.1

    georgie01 said:
    Ok ... this is one thing I don’t like about Swift being open source. Progress is great, but it’s updated frequently enough that it’s a little bit of a pain without a lot of gain. Not everyone is a geek who feels they constantly need the latest and greatest in language developments. Swift is great and I really like the updates, but I don’t like having to alter code and wonder about deprecated or changed syntax as much as I’m having to.
    Such a nascent language was always bound to have these types of changes. In maturity languages find their stability. Considering how much Swift pioneered in joining so many different programming techniques into a cohesive, unified language, there was a lot of early learning that could only come through use. This is unrelated to the fact the language is open source - most of these changes, eg the Generics Manifesto and Constrained Conformances were driven by Apple themselves, not the open source community. And the additions from the community have tended to be additive, not changing things that break you. Those changes were driven by the Swift Core Team in pursuit of their goals for the language.
  • Apple's proposed Australian flagship store faces public opposition, called 'Pizza Hut pago...

    I work around 500 meters away from the site, and was actually there today.

    Rayz2016 said:
    Australian banter is quite well renowned. As for the building design itself, what function is served by the pagoda wings? Why couldn’t the same function be done with traditional Australian architecture?
    My first guess would be so the people inside the building won’t be  blinded by the sun. 
    Honestly, some protection from the summer sun might be helpful, but the design is completely out of touch with the area. Granted, even when Federation Square was built, it was an odd architecture. This however doesn’t event suit that. I’m not sure what Angela Ahrendts was smoking when she said it was in keeping with the area...

    To be honest, an Apple Store in the city centre is long overdue. But the public sentiment is very strong against this. This is a civic space and Apple is seen by the majority here as the antithesis of that. I can’t see a Union Square “Town Centre” store working here. There are plenty of better places for this store. Burke Street comes to mind...

    This isn’t to say that I dislike the idea of an Apple Store. Would help me out a lot. But this placement and design is a bad decision by a company that doesn’t understand the culture here and that this is really a slap in the face to Victorians.
  • UK government extends cellphone ban during Cabinet meetings to Apple Watch

    Can anyone explain why the image is of the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull?

    They are different countries, you know...
  • Google ships first beta of Flutter framework for developing both iOS and Android apps

    Cross platform tools generally always suck. I will take quite a bit to be convinced that this one bucks the trend set by literally every cross platform tool. It's a dev-focused solution, not a user-focused solution.
  • Apple Australia airs four wedding-themed 'First Dance' ads for iPhone X

    Is this ad going to be divisive? Yes, just like the vote Australian gay marriage vote was divisive.

    Apple tends to be on the socially liberal side of the bandwagon, so hey, it happens. And they've got to accept that some may not like that. That's their decision, and shareholders can act accordingly.

    Nevertheless, take a look at the posts here spouting "lifestyle choice" and "personal preference" and wonder to yourself why people keep killing themselves when they realise they're gay and they can't help that. Even on an Apple-focused site we can't be civil and respectful to others just because some find the acts in an ad personally distasteful...

    Thanks guys.

    - From a married gay Australian guy.
  • Tim Cook accepts Newseum 2017 Free Expression Award, says companies should have values

    Also both the left and the right are hypocritical...they love it when companies speak out and support causes they agree with but then want companies to shut up and stay out of politics when those views don't match their own.
    Perhaps that's got to do with the fact that the right has policies that hate people for things those people cannot change? Like their skin color, their sexuality, their perceived gender, their disabilities... need I go on?

    As far as I can tell, the only thing the left wing hates is the fact that the right wing are so selfish to actually believe that theirs is even a valid viewpoint...
  • Tim Cook accepts Newseum 2017 Free Expression Award, says companies should have values

    entropys said:
    Sure, but most people do not discriminate against people that are different to them, or hate people different to them, or hate those that hold views different to them.   it is also true a lot would not promote those choices, or seek to hold them up either.  That doesn't make them bigots.  A bigot holds strong views.  Views like "if you don't agree with my position on 'X" you are a hater and a bigot". Pot meet Kettle.   People are complex and have a range of views, and their views are held with a range of intensity and while they may be consistent with one officially endorsed 'correct' view they may not be consistent with another.   There is no dichotomy here, no straight forward good vs evil.  Life is more complicated than that.
    Then where is the problem with Apple's CEO being pro the rights of these minorities, especially considering they make up a significant portion of the workforce at Apple?

    There is a difference between disagreeing with me having rights, and my disagreeing with someone who thinks I shouldn't have rights. My viewpoint is driven by protection. Their viewpoint is driven by "their own perspective" which is based on telling me how to live my life.

    I don't tell you to stop sleeping with women because I find it disgusting and "immoral". Others tell me to stop sleeping with my husband... because they find it disgusting and immoral. In fact, my nation unlike the US believes my marriage is unconsitutional and not worth toilet paper.

    Its not "hateful" to call someone a bigot. It's a statement of fact. This isn't pot and kettle. They are very different things. One is pushing policies that discriminate against minorities. The other is pointing out that they are discriminating against minorities. How can you not see that difference?

    I for one am glad that the CEO of at least one company stands up for human rights, not straight rights, not white rights, not cis-gendered rights, not only some majority's rights. Especially considering that a sizeable portion of the employees at Apple fit into those minority demographics.