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  • Microsoft debuts Surface Studio all-in-one PC, refreshes high-end Surface Book

    I only use Mac but congrats to Microsoft - Surface Studio looks so beautiful... Apple should take notice.
    Hate to say it, but I can imagine there will be a lot of interest for that large screen Surface for illustrators, designers and possibly even musicians.
    I agree completely. Got to hand it to Microsoft, they have produced something very elegant. I love my Mac and only use Mac but its got me thinking of reasons why i need that new Surface Studio :-D We can all love our Macs and still respect what the competition is doing. Microsoft will do well with that new product i think.
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  • Official Apple images show new MacBook Pro with OLED 'Magic Toolbar,' Touch ID, new speaker design

    originalg said:
    That screen bezel though... =(
    I agree, that bevel is shockingly thick and looks so outdated now... really spoils the look of the MacBook. i love my MacBook but have to say that companies like HP are producing far more beautiful laptops and desktops than Apple. Apple are loosing the edge in design/aesthetics and as time passes by, they seem to be getting worse sadly...
  • Microsoft debuts Surface Studio all-in-one PC, refreshes high-end Surface Book

    cali said:
     Out of all days they decide to announce an iMac clone the day before Apple special event. Coincidence? 
    Maybe but you can all but guarantee the Apple event will be just as boring as the last few... look at what Apple has released (to date) this year that is truly innovative... or last year for that matter??? I love Apple but last few years for me, they just aren't the creative/exciting company they used to be...
  • Microsoft debuts Surface Studio all-in-one PC, refreshes high-end Surface Book

    fallenjt said:
    Dead in a year.

    iMac clone and iPad Pro copycat.

    At brutal prices, too. 

    In trying to mimic Apple (poorly) MS is pricing themselves out of their own market, and into a market into which they don't belong and don't understand. 

    I disagree!  I would easily pay that price or more for an Apple product with those capabilities!

    Can't innovate -- Panos' ass!

    What about Apple to release a giant touch screen that can be connected to iPad Pro via Lightning port? Oh yeah, you dock the iPad Pro and draw whatever on that giant screen! That's fucking disruptive and automatically make this Surface Studio a piece of archaic crap.

    Surface studio is archaic? LOL don't think so. I am Mac used and i find what Microsoft is doing very cool and exciting. You can say what you like, but Microsoft are doing some cool and exciting things... Apple for the last few years haven't really... same old products, just bigger, bit faster... and i wish they stop calling the iPad a computer... it isn't...