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  • TP-Link cancels HomeKit plan for Kasa smart plug mini

    You make a good point, but i counter with:

    Legal Definition of false advertising

    the crime or tort of publishing, broadcasting, or otherwise publicly distributing an advertisement that contains an untrue, misleading, or deceptive representation or statement which was made knowingly or recklessly and with the intent to promote the sale of property, goods, or services to the public
  • Apple's new MacBook Pro has generated 7x more revenue than 12" MacBook at launch

    twa440 said:
    Of course there's an increase in revenue. It cost more and gives you less. Ports, battery size, lighted logo, mag safe, extension power cord and no optical audio.
    Yeah Cause while the lighted logo is cool, it sure helped me in my daily work flow.... /s

    For me upgrading got me, a better screen, more storage, better speakers, more ram, and more performance.  My 2012 MBA works fine, but i thought this would be a good time to upgrade...  I ordered a full mbp 13 wtih 16, 512 ssd, i7 processor maxed out...  

    Granted I don't consider myself a true pro like so many do here.  I use my MB's and iMac's for management of my Photography, and other stuff like studying using virtual windows, linux, oracle boxes, and just the normal email, web stuff like most users.  I guess that makes me a sheeple in some peoples eyes.    I am ok with that, cause i got my new MBP.  
  • Chinese state-run media promises consequences for Apple, others if Trump starts trade war

    ireland said:
    Trump would be a major idiot to have a trade war with China. It would be economic suicide for the world. It'd be like going to war with yourself. Not a playground to test out your hair-brained ideas hairdo.

    Let's just hope it's bullshit he spouted—as he does—merely to fool Americans into electing him. I get that Americans didn't want Hilary, but boy that's little choice there. One big fat big liar and another little skinny big fat liar. Like Pepsi or Pepsi with extra sugar thrown in.
    Something to Ponder, I believe this was a Chinese article written to Chinese citizens... I am sure they have their share of citizens who are freaking out because of Trump's talk, my belief is this is the governments way to calm there citizens and show that they have power, and that they can deal with the laowai (foreigners).  
  • Super fast bionic glass: iPhone 8 Review

    Great comprehensive article, however, i appear to be the first to mention...

    What kind of a Con is - Glass back only looks nice until it shatters?


  • Chinese carriers claim dual-SIM iPhones are a sure thing

    nunzy said:
    Since when did Apple base design decisions on what foreigners want?
    Macrumors misses you, please go stay there...