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  • Battery tech suitable for future iPhone promises 3x the power density, full charge in minu...

    I hereby request this be referred to as the "Goodenough" battery.
  • Hands on with the luxury Hermes Apple Watch Series 7

    lkrupp said:
    bluefire1 said:
    I guess us peasants will have to settle for the standard AW7 Apple models.
    Class envy much? If you had the disposable income of the people who can buy luxury items like this I think you could have a different opinion. Why would someone buy a $100K Porsche when a $12K Chevy Spark can get you where you want to go?

    I can honestly say the money would not be the first reason for me to pass on getting a Hermes edition. The bands just look both dumb and uncomfortable; "fashion" over function. I wouldn't wear it if someone gave me one. They seem to be different solely for their ability to stand out as a conspicuous consumption item.

    There definitely are differences between a Porsche and a Chevy's functions, though there are significantly diminishing returns on the extra comfort/function for the money. It is definitely a luxury but not only just for showing off while you get from point A to point B.

  • How iTunes went from simple to perplexing -- and gone

    dxace1 said:
    I defected from Apple years ago amid frustration with its high-priced devices, and software.  I used Itunes Windows version for a while, but when I got hacked for $8k I stopped, and the complications of the software forced me back to the simplicity of storing all my favorite tunes on microSD.  These days you can store zillions of songs and video that way.  Too bad -- Apple screwed itself.
    That makes no sense, iTunes isn't even a "browse untrusted internet" thing. It's only exploit surfaces are your own computer. If you got hacked it is because you screwed up somewhere else, and I doubt they then used iTunes to gain any sort of advantage on your computer.
  • APFS changes affect Time Machine in macOS Big Sur, encrypted drives in iOS 14

    maltz said:

    neilm said:
    So unless Apple has re-engineered Time Machine, they presumably must have updated APFS to support hard links. Anyone know?
    It appears to be using APFS snapshots instead.  At least on an APFS time machine drive.
    Do you have a source for that?  I'd love more detail.  I've replicated Time Machine-like backups on my ZFS pool using local snapshots and offsite replication.  But ZFS has been light years ahead of APFS in those areas (and others) which is a huge shame, because my homegrown ZFS solution is FAR faster (in browsing historical snapshots and off-device replication) and far more space efficient than Time Machine.

    Surely this would be bigger news, though, if Time Machine has remotely approached ZFS efficiency.

    "APFS doesn’t support directory hard links, so can’t use the same mechanism when storing Time Machine backups. Instead, what appears to function as a form of virtual file system is created using new features in APFS. The volume assigned the role of Backup appears to be a regular APFS volume, and is protected from normal access, even by root. File data is kept as usual in the container’s Physical Store, to which file data is copied during each backup. Apple hasn’t indicated whether this continues to be whole files, or whether only changed data are copied."
  • Battery tech suitable for future iPhone promises 3x the power density, full charge in minu...

    ksec said:
    Solid Battery has been around for a VERY long time. What we keep hearing about these breakthrough are ways to make it cheaper. But it is still FAR from our normal Li-Ion Battery prices. Existing Battery cost less then $10 in BOM, a similar size Solid Battery would have cost more then $300 even when manufactured at scale.   

    The news and press didn't mention the cost saving. But even it is 50% cheaper, it would still be $150, on a cost per energy, ( Similar Li-Ion battery would be less then $30 ) it would still be 5x more expensive. And if you calculate the Margin in the end product, you will likely have to pay $300+ more for a phone with this tech inside. 

    I am no sure if consumer would spend $300 more for a Phone with 3x larger capacity at the same size.
    but would they spend $100 more for the same capacity that charges in minutes, doesn't wear out over its life, and is lighter and/or smaller?
  • Blood oxygen sensor, Touch ID rumored for 'watchOS 7,' Apple Watch 'Series 6'

    Someone explain to me the use case for touch id in the crown? I only unlock my watch once a day, and that sometimes even happens as a side effect of unlocking my phone.

    I absolutely think we are still in the era where every bit of extra battery capacity makes it better. My new 5 watch gets through the day pretty well (including sleep tracking), but finding 10 minutes here or there during a day is a mild inconvenience.

    A dedicated "sleep mode" that really locks down the device from inputs and display would be better than our current best efficiency option of theater+swimming at night.
  • Lastpass limiting free users to either computers or mobile apps in March

    That is so arbitrary and capricious. Also probably confusing for users. If I read that correctly the free tier can either use only computer clients or mobile clients but not both? This makes no sense other than to be punitive to free tier users. 👎