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  • Hands on with the luxury Hermes Apple Watch Series 7

    lkrupp said:
    bluefire1 said:
    I guess us peasants will have to settle for the standard AW7 Apple models.
    Class envy much? If you had the disposable income of the people who can buy luxury items like this I think you could have a different opinion. Why would someone buy a $100K Porsche when a $12K Chevy Spark can get you where you want to go?

    I can honestly say the money would not be the first reason for me to pass on getting a Hermes edition. The bands just look both dumb and uncomfortable; "fashion" over function. I wouldn't wear it if someone gave me one. They seem to be different solely for their ability to stand out as a conspicuous consumption item.

    There definitely are differences between a Porsche and a Chevy's functions, though there are significantly diminishing returns on the extra comfort/function for the money. It is definitely a luxury but not only just for showing off while you get from point A to point B.

  • Lastpass limiting free users to either computers or mobile apps in March

    That is so arbitrary and capricious. Also probably confusing for users. If I read that correctly the free tier can either use only computer clients or mobile clients but not both? This makes no sense other than to be punitive to free tier users. 👎
  • Intel targets M1 weaknesses in 'You're not on a Mac' ad campaign

    Why does my laptop need to power a rocket launch? My phone works just fine without running x86 instructions. If performing rocket launches was a common or important requirement, then wouldn't the software be ported (or rosetta)?

    These taglines sort of all apart if you give it any more than superficial consideration. Maybe ads don't have to though.
  • Developer files antitrust complaint after Apple rejects COVID game

    This is a great (effective) use of their marketing budget. 

    From a legal point of view, what is the damages they are claiming? Just didn’t get their preferred app name?
  • Dock5 from Satechi will charge up to five devices via Qi, USB-A, and USB-C

    Bit of a mislead in the title. It is a specific combination of 5 device charging methods. Will charge up to 1 device with Qi and 2 additional each with USB-A/USB-C would have been more clear.

    Really it's a min-folder rack, a 4 port USB power hub (2xA + 2xC), and a single Qi pad. Doesn't even come with the 6 and 8-inch cables depicted "Charging cables sold separately."

    Not a good value in my book.