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  • Apple addresses ad industry complaints over Safari tracking prevention feature

    Awesome! Thanks, Apple, for looking after my privacy. Too many sites *ahem* Google, Facebook exist for ad $$. I'll control my data thanks. Keep up the good work, Apple!
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  • 7 hours in the spaceship: interviewing for a job at Apple Park

    If I were hiring for a company with a high emphasis on keeping details secret, and a prospective employee immediately wrote about their experience at my company’s interview and about its property, the prospect would be considered a security risk and rejected. 
  • Apple's Craig Federighi details Face ID in new interview [u]

    haar said:
    cgWerks said:
    AppleInsider said:
    ... There are limitations to the system's capabilities. Face ID will be unable to recognize a user whose face is obscured by a mask or niqab, the report says. In such cases, users can opt to enter a passcode instead. ...
    I wonder if there will be any SJW groups taking to the streets over Apple's obvious Islamophobia. ;) (And, what the heck are bank-robbers to do?)

    Correct me... a niqab (or a neck covering head scarf) EXPOSES the face ... so faceid requires a neck? ... REALLY DOUBT THAT...  otherwise sounds like niqab really means burka...

    As I understand it, a hijab covers only the hair while a niqab is a face veil that leaves only the eyes exposed. A burka hides the whole head with only a mesh piece in front of the eyes to see through. 
  • 'Made For i' branding may be shifting focus from iPod to iPhone and iPad

    What I love is the MFi hearing aids. Apple worked with the hearing aid manufacturers to make it right. When my patients tell me they have an iPhone, I know that they can get a superior experience out of their hearing aids due to the solid connectivity. They can receive phone calls, stream music and control the aids with an app. Whether they’re 40 or 80, they’re always thrilled!
  • iPhone X impresses Windows executive, Android fans but bitter bloggers still hating

    Well-written article. People like Diaz and others with an axe to grind are not journalists, they’re kids wanting attention. Present the facts and let the reader decide. 
  • iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus production accelerating alongside cutback in orders for iPhone 8

    I’ve always liked a bigger phone (physically) for videos and typing so upgraded from the 6s plus to 8 plus this year. If there had been a X plus I’d have gotten that. 
  • Facebook to rein in suspect market research programs following reprisals from Apple, publi...

    Facebook already lost me and they’re not going to get me back. If I were alone in this they wouldn’t bother doing anything - just stay with the same underhanded practices. Clearly many people are dumping Facebook. They are con artists. 
  • Target may be ready to concede and enable Apple Pay at retail

    I much prefer Apple Pay over all the others, even their own cards. As roake said, we become the product with store cards as well as points cards. I like the privacy of using Apple Pay and will use it everywhere I can. I’ll go to stores that use it over those that don’t. 
    dipdog3 said:
    Their current painful solution, Walmart Pay, tries to offer convenience for using a debit card, which is not subject to the high prices of credit cards

    Your statement is wrong. You can use a credit card with Walmart Pay, do it all the time.

    It’s also not a “painful” solution. It’s somewhere in between using a physical credit card and Apple Pay.

    The biggest issue with Walmart Pay is that you have to open up the Walmart app & click on Walmart Pay to use it. Once you scan the QR code, it’s actually faster than Apple Pay. On the positive side, all of your receipts are stored in the app, so saves paper and makes for easy returns.
    Translation: they track all your perchases, no matter how personal.  Wal Mart is making you another product that they can sell.

    The clear advantage for Apple Pay for me is the privacy, including the tokenized card numbers so that The store doesn’t have them to lose, and they can track my purchase because they don’t know who they sold them to.  Almost like paying cash.

  • Law firm explores class action against Apple for potential securities fraud, cites recent ...

    He’s a troll. Why the f people think they can keep launching frivolous lawsuits is beyond me. Things change in the financial markets. The whole stock exchange is down. “It’s the economy, stupid!”
  • Apple lowers holiday quarter guidance on lower than expected iPhone sales

    Kuyangkoh said:
    sarrica said:
    I am holding off on a new iPhone and am sticking with my 6S Plus for a while longer due to Apple's higher prices. I'm sure I am not the only one...
    Why not? Still works?? But if you cannot afford a new iPhone theres a lot of android alternative. Nobody is twisting your arm to buy a latest and the greatest 
    Nobody even mentions that Apple is still selling the iPhone 7, 8 and now again the X. If you don’t need the latest model, there are plenty of less-expensive models to choose from. People are focusing on the most-expensive Xs Max instead of the whole lineup. Yes the Xs Max is expensive - one reason I’m keeping my 8 Plus. But it’s not all there is.