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  • Apple's Dan Riccio responds to bent iPad Pro reports, says device 'meets or exceeds' produ...

    Typically when you machine/hog out aluminum from a single surface, you will get a potato chip when you pull the part from the machine (the stress locked in place by the calendar-rolling process in the mill is now released). To counter this, there’s typically a skim cut done on the opposite surface. I presume this 7000 series aluminum is all being machined in a tempered condition.

    Something is likely occurring down the line, and my guess would be this is limited to a small batch of units.

    If affected return to Apple, let them trace it back through the fabrication process to the source, if it hasn’t already been corrected. 
  • Apple to open office in Vancouver's new 400 West Georgia tower

    Vancouver, BC, Canada?  Or Vancouver, WA, USA?  They are within hours of each other, and easily confusing to speak of without the correct context. 

    I presume its BC, given the mention of Toronto. Just asking for the sake of clarity and to avoid giving Bloomberg any free clicks. 
  • Apple stock hammered on lower forecasts from iPhone part suppliers Lumentum & Japan Displa...

    It could also mean that Apple has multiple suppliers for their components, and some will inevitably be more competitive than others. 
    Finisar, now II-VI, also makes the VCELs, and their new factory that Apple bought last year for  almost 400 million is up and running now, possibly better than previously believed.

    I wonder if II-VI gave some assurances to Apple as conditions for them buying out Finisar.
  • Jony Ive's departure reveals new details of Apple's car and TV plans

    qwwera said:
    So the abomination that was ios7 was indeed Ives.
    It’s time to move on Mr. Crabby Pants, put the hate down and step back slowly. 
  • Editorial: Why Apple created Apple TV+ rather than buying Netflix

    Latko said:
    Every substantiation mentioned here indicates that they’re simply too late, given their ambitions. Same for Music Streaming, and Project Titan soon.
    iPhone was too late
    Apple Watch too late
    Airpods was too late
    iPad was too late
    Apple Music too late

    If “too late” means “this is where you’ll find the profits, if any...” then that’s where I’ll invest my money hats.  
  • New 16-inch MacBook Pro rumored to fit screen in current 15-inch case

    Why is it that an iPhone XS is $999 and an iPhone XS Max is $1099, yet a 13” MacBook Pro is $1300 and a 16” MacBook Pro is $3200.

    I have never understood why Apple needs a bigger screen to have a $1100 to $1900 premium on a laptop (85% to 146% markup), while it only needs to be a 10% markup on a phone. It’s like saying a Toyota Yaris starts at $13,000 and the next size up Corolla starts at $24,000 to $32,000. Since when is a slightly bigger version only for the most privileged? Maybe when you start giving dividends to the most privileged, who knows. 

    “Yes, the screen is the only difference between 13” and 15” MBP models... please give us more money for it.”

    There’s a bit more to it than that, and that’s what justifies the expense. 
  • Editorial: Super Frenemies - why the world is better off with both Apple and Samsung

    Great article DED!  
  • Here are all of the biggest changes coming to Apple Watch with watchOS 6

    chasm said:
    I do see the "I'll tap you when I'm ready" message from time to time (maybe once in 50, certainly not the problem you're having), but let me tell you what the problem is and a potential fix.

    The reason for the difficulty is that your iPhone is trying or has connected to a non-working open Wi-Fi connection, and can't reach the internet to process some aspects of your request. The fix is to go into your iPhone settings -> Wi-Fi, and tell it to ask to connect to unknown networks (known networks will still be joined automatically). If there's a notoriously bad "known" network you've joined before that doesn't work (I have this problem in some parts of town with the carrier's hotspots), tell the iPhone to "forget" that network. This will cause your iPhone to rely on LTE data when you're not on a known-good Wi-Fi network, and thus the connection between your iPhone and the Watch will be stronger and thus Siri will work much more reliably. It made a huge difference for me, I hope it does the same for you.

    Regarding pronunciation ... I agree that there could be more done in the area of fixing bad pronunciations, there is a way to correct names, here is the method I use to train it from scratch:

    1. Ask Siri for the phone number of the name you know it will mispronounce.

    2. After it says the name incorrectly aloud, say "that's not how you pronounce it."

    It will then ask you to say the name, listen, and offer you choices of pronunciation. Select the one that is closest, and then it will pronouce it correctly next time.
    I have the issue on my home Wi-Fi and out in the world. Siri is mostly useless, and the lack of feedback to correct it is why it’s the most used AI service in the world. Users unsuccessful attempt multiple times... then give up in frustrating and manually make the query. Since Apple doesn’t count them as one query en mass (privacy and all), and there’s no feedback to indicate the queries are anything but queries, they mis-record the metric as a positive.

    The cost of lies...
  • Editorial: At WWDC19, Apple charts the future of private, premium tech - alone

    lkrupp said:
    Ho boy, this is going to make the charter members of the perpetually disappointed and underwhelmed club literally stroke out. I love the article because it completely describes my frame of mind in 1982 when I bought my first Apple product, an Apple ][+. There just wasn’t anything like it on the market. Here I am thirty-seven years later and I’m still on the bandwagon. Sometimes there were bumps and potholes on the road but Apple is still Apple.
    Agreed. Looking elsewhere in news and social, lots of hot takes on iTunes going away. DED barely gives it a passing thought. Another great piece DED!  
  • Apple sells $7B in debt in first bond offer since $285B cash repatriation [u]

    Are they going after the negative bonds appearing in European markets recently?

    An old mentor of mine said the best money to spend was someone else’s, especially if it’s free.