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  • Apple's Dan Riccio responds to bent iPad Pro reports, says device 'meets or exceeds' produ...

    Typically when you machine/hog out aluminum from a single surface, you will get a potato chip when you pull the part from the machine (the stress locked in place by the calendar-rolling process in the mill is now released). To counter this, there’s typically a skim cut done on the opposite surface. I presume this 7000 series aluminum is all being machined in a tempered condition.

    Something is likely occurring down the line, and my guess would be this is limited to a small batch of units.

    If affected return to Apple, let them trace it back through the fabrication process to the source, if it hasn’t already been corrected. 
  • Apple stock hammered on lower forecasts from iPhone part suppliers Lumentum & Japan Displa...

    It could also mean that Apple has multiple suppliers for their components, and some will inevitably be more competitive than others. 
    Finisar, now II-VI, also makes the VCELs, and their new factory that Apple bought last year for  almost 400 million is up and running now, possibly better than previously believed.

    I wonder if II-VI gave some assurances to Apple as conditions for them buying out Finisar.
  • Editorial: Why Apple created Apple TV+ rather than buying Netflix

    Latko said:
    Every substantiation mentioned here indicates that they’re simply too late, given their ambitions. Same for Music Streaming, and Project Titan soon.
    iPhone was too late
    Apple Watch too late
    Airpods was too late
    iPad was too late
    Apple Music too late

    If “too late” means “this is where you’ll find the profits, if any...” then that’s where I’ll invest my money hats.  
  • Editorial: Super Frenemies - why the world is better off with both Apple and Samsung

    Great article DED!  
  • Apple's COO delivers blistering testimony on Qualcomm's 'onerous demands' over cellular pa...

    mattinoz said:
    sflocal said:
    That's pretty ballsy of Qualcomm.  If I buy a chip from QC, that's it.  They got their money.  For them to demand (and expect) a 5% "royalty" based on the price of my product, especially if their chip only constitutes a small percentage of the entire device is worthy of an episode in "Narcos".  

    So if I put that chip in a piece-of-s**t $50 plastic Android phone, they get $2.50 and if I put that same chip in a $1,500 iPhone that's actually built well and performs better, and those improvements have absolutely nothing to do with Qualcomm, they expect $75?  F**k that!!

    Qualcomm's dirty laundry is coming out in baskets.  With all this negative news coming out about Qualcomm and their gestapo tactics, they will be begging Apple to quickly settle and save face.  I'm glad that Apple is taking this standing up and teaching a lesson to Qualcomm.  I hope Mollenkopf gets fired, no golden parachute, and ends up mopping floors.  He's everything that's wrong in the industry.
    This is why we haven't seen Celluar modems in Laptops. $50 USB dongle $2.50 royalty same function embedded $75+ to QC. 
    Eh, LTE has been available in laptops for years... ya just might not realize it, I know I didnt until I started looking around. 
  • Fortnite gains controller support on iPhone and iPad with latest update

    Wow!  While I’m no fan of Fortnite, this could be a boon for Apple!  Oh wait, no, they are DOOMED. 
  • Editorial: Why Apple created Apple TV+ rather than buying Netflix

    ...Google spent $15 billion on Motorola and Next... I believe you mean Nest. 
  • Purged screen time monitoring apps misused enterprise tools, Schiller says

    Screen Time is the most useless feature of iOS and it created so much debate. Someone at Apple Marketing (and I'm afraid a very specific someone) apparently thought that putting such a lock in iOS would increase sales allowing parents to buy iPads and iPhones for their kids. Actually just the opposite is true: first this is a feature that will alienate kids to the platform. Second, kids make the purchase decision in most of the cases, if left to parents they purchase cheap Android crap.

    Here is the rationale: would you lock your kids into a room when they misbehave? No... Then you cannot lock your kids into a digital room either. There is already a tried and tested parental control architecture, screen time was not needed.
    My wife and many of her friends love Screen Time, it’s helped them stay off social media for extended periods of time.  It has value for anyone that wishes to use it for its intended purchase. To say otherwise is just ignorant. 
  • Apple has a full-time professional philosopher on staff

    Did you mean Stanford University (article currently states Standard University).