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  • Install an inexpensive USB-C PCI-E card in a Mac Pro for full USB 3.1 data transfer speeds...

    Thanks AI, Having a 3,1 mac pro, i am always happy with ways to extend its usefulness.

    Can you provide simple steps to install beyond stating it needs power from the optical disk power?

    I have use the sierra patch to install OS X 10.12 on my 3,1.  Show the card therefore act like your comments for 4,1 and 5,1?

    As for why we need USB-C, for old macs, it will be the way that more and more devices come standard, having a card that only costs $16 is a good way to prepare.

  • Apple bringing in more labor to cope with surge of iPhone battery replacements

    It is very logical to pay 30$ to replace the battery in a two or three year old iPhone no matter the condition of the current battery.  Batteries are a consumable part, with a finite lifespan. If you plan to keep your phone for a year or two get a new battery.  Why delay an pay $80 later?  

    If your tires are rated for 40,000 miles, you have put 30,000 on them, it would make sense to replace them if the price was discounted by 60%.  You get full tread and would get another 40,000 miles.  Same logic holds true for this battery deal.  And it is a deal.
  • The worst Apple designs by Jony Ive, according to the AppleInsider staff

    Apple makes many great products, and has a few misses, as discussed about, but I believe with the comment regarding elimination of ports on MacBooks and MacBook Pros, requiring....dongles, dongles, dongles, give me a break.   Why make business users carry around a bag full of dongles on a trip.  If Apple was really great on design, they would find a way to have an ultrathin with ports for users.  I am sorry, USB-C to ... dongles at $30 a pop are crazy.  Let me show you my presentation, oh wait I don't have the right dongle to connect to your 80" monitor.  Let's all look at my 13" screen... :-)