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  • Epic Games' CEO responds to Apple's countersuit in Twitter thread

    Don’t let this snake fool you. It’s always about money. 

    I read even as a kid he undercut lawn service companies to make money.
  • Apple security chief Thomas Moyer indicted in concealed firearm permit bribery case

    mobird said:
    Lots of unanswered questions. Did he really need a CCW? If so, why didn’t corporate use their influence into getting him one, unless it wasn’t for his job and was personal. 

    I am amused that San Jose has a “Hall of Justice” and reading that made me miss Ted Knight and his narration of the Superfriends cartoon. 
    It's called the Constitution - 2nd Amendment. Nowhere does it state that you have to have a reason to purchase a gun.

    Glad I live in a state that upholds the 2nd Amendment instead of trampling on it.
    The 2nd Amendment:  “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

    If it was not for the last comma, I would agree with you that the people can keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, I read it as a well-regulated Militia, such as the National Guard, shall not be infringed.
  • Huawei's CFO probably owns more Apple products than you

    In a related matter, the European commission called bull on Trump's attacks on Huawei. 

    And, the case against Meng is largely in the same status:   she is charged with violating Trump's allegations and sanctions on Iran which the rest of the world (except the far right) rejects as bogus, politically motivated rhetoric.

    I am not far right. I do not care for Trump. But the Chinese government has been, and continues to be, the greatest threat to cybersecurity to the US. I would imagine that extends to NATO nations as well.
  • Elon Musk says Apple's 30% commission rate is 'definitely not ok'

    If 30% is way too high or highway robbery, why does it continue to grow? If it is indeed too high, purchases, usage, and revenue would begin to shrink.

    I was considering a Tesla as my next vehicle purchase. However, I think the profit Musk is making on each vehicle sold is much too high, plus he is an asshole. Therefore, I will purchase a different vehicle and absolutely not purchase a Tesla.

    It is that simple. If you think something costs too much or you do not like the people associated with the product, then do not purchase it.
  • Apple threatens to close Epic Games developer account on Aug. 28

    johnbear said:
    A small percentage is fair but Apple charges these 30% fees like mafia mob. Shame on them.
    imagine Visa and MasterCard charging 30% per transaction for using their system;)
    The credit card companies get a small percentage of every purchase, but if you do not make a full payment on time, you are paying a fee that is about 1000% greater than the current inflation rate -- but they will not break your knees if you do not pay.