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  • Apple shuts down Epic Games developer account

    My wife sells wholesale goods to retailers. With Epic’s logic, she should take her products, walk in to her favorite large retailer (WalMart), setup a table or two, and start selling direct.

    Sure, that would work great.


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  • Apple calls iPhone X preorders 'off the charts' after rapid sellouts

    siretman said:
    I was able to get my iPhone X to deliver on November 3rd although my wife’s iPhone X will arrive November 17-24. We are on the Apple upgrade program and I am puzzled by a credit charge of $89.05 from Apple Online orders. Is this some sort of a service charge for the Carrier ATT?

    You’re likely paying the sales tax of the entire device price upfront, which is what AT&T Next does.
  • Apple rumored to invest $3.6B in Kia to produce 100,000 'Apple Cars' per year

    JWSC said:
    All of a sudden, I want to know less about the Apple car.  My enthusiasm is draining.  Apple might want to consider taking control of the news narrative at this point.
    Get Schiller out of retirement, a random internet person is losing interest in the rumors about an unannounced product!
    With Phil Schiller being the 'car nut' that he is, I'm betting that he's not fully retired and has some skin in this game.
  • Disney CEO Bob Iger to step down

    As someone that follows Disney pretty closely, including a number of the hardcore fans discussion boards, I can summarize that the overall fan opinion of the parks has been trending negative for many months. A quick check of said boards is showing many of these fans in panic, as Chapek’s been the number one owner of the parks’ numerous issues.
  • Apple acquisition reverses fortune of Shazam

    “Shazam's 2018 profit was $34.5 million, less than 2017's $44.8 million, but boasted a profit of $158.4 million and reversed $19.4 million in losses the year prior.“

    Am I missing something?
    Glad it’s not just me confused with this statement.
  • 'Fortnite' firm Epic Games planned Apple App Store dispute for months

    gc_uk said:

    entropys said:
    It is the Reagan version of the little red hen.

     "Exactly," said the agent. "That's the wonderful free enterprise system. Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants. But under our modern government regulations productive workers must divide their products with the idle."

     And they lived happily ever after, including the little red hen, who smiled and clucked, "I am grateful, I am grateful." But her neighbors wondered why she never again baked any more bread.

    Except in this case the Little Red Hen is willing to provide the garden, and the grain, but can't sell bread to the neighbours because "government regulation" aka "Apple" say they can only grow grain in Apple's garden.
    There are plenty of “gardens” for Epic to “grow grain” in - Apple, Google, web, PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo ... and Epic has plenty of $$ to also try and develop and their own “garden”.
  • Apple, Epic Games experts debate whether iOS gamers switch to other platforms

    lam92103 said:
    As if switching platform is easy or even possible, once you are part of the Apple world. One of the famous lines used on Windows folks is - Once you go mac, you don't go back
    They are talking about gaming platforms, not computer OS platforms.
  • New York State Senate passes right to repair legislation

    Is this really in the interest of consumers?  And, Who’s pushing this ?

    One would think the NY state legislature has a few more important issues to address. 
  • Epic Games is keeping 'Fortnite' off Microsoft xCloud because it sees it as a rival

    Epic: “let’s not go after Sony’s platform where much of our revenue is made - rather, let’s go after Apple’s and only risk 7% - if we win and a new precedent is set we can then negotiate with Sony, et al”
  • Claris FileMaker Pro gets native Apple Silicon update

    I sure miss the original FileMaker, I used it professionally in the early 90’s  - it was very intuitive yet powerful, and did everything I needed (and more) - I have tried the options on the Mac App Store without any luck meeting my needs