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  • Apple TV+ cancels Uma Thurman thriller 'Suspicion'

    Most AppleTV+ shows are four to five stars in my book. This is the exception: one star at best. Unoriginal, lame, predictable plot, inconsistent characters, mediocre acting, and an absolutely unsatisfying, unearned, and frankly, moronic ending. I actually regretted having watched this one, and I’m shocked to hear that they even considered a second season, let alone started producing one. 
  • Notifications in iOS 17 are too quiet, and there's nothing you can do about it

    Wait, notifications have sounds?
  • Samsung leaks that Apple is still working on an all-screen foldable MacBook Pro

    Yeah, please ruin the one Apple platform where typing is not a traumatic experience. 
  • Zuckerberg thinks Apple is making aggressive moves now to control the metaverse

    Nice try, but Apple won’t be trying to control “the Metaverse” because there’s no “Metaverse,” and there isn’t going to be one, at least not one that Zuckerberg or his embarrassing “Meta” fiasco will have anything to do with. 

    Apple will likely spearhead AR glasses, while Facebook’s desperate Hail Mary bet-the-farm strategy of trying to be anything than Facebook will go down in history as one of the great tech failures of all time. 

    VR has no mass appeal, and Facebook isn’t any good at VR anyway. I’m pretty sure that in ten years, Meta won’t exist, and Facebook will be a stagnant social media platform owned by someone like Verizon or Microsoft. 
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  • Compared: Apple Studio Display vs Alogic Clarity Monitor

    Here’s my comparison of the Apple Studio Display and KFC’s Chicken Tenders. 

    The Apple Studio Display has a 5K resolution, which makes it unique among computer monitors: in fact, the only comparable product is the LG UltraFine 5K. The KFC Chicken Tenders certainly cannot match that resolution, and they also lack some more essential features, such as connectivity, or a webcam. Actually, the KFC is hardly competitive at all with the Studio Display as it lacks speakers, and in our testing, we haven’t been able to make it display any image, with the exception of fried chicken breasts, which, however, looked great. 

    The KFC easily wins on flavor and crunchiness, where the Studio Display simply doesn’t cut it at all. It’s extremely difficult to bite, and the flavor is subpar as well. 

    This is especially surprising since the Chicken Tenders cost about a dollar per piece, whereas the base model of the Studio Display retails for $1600. This shows how much out of touch Apple is these days. 

    Okay… if you’ve got this far, here’s my point: you don’t compare a dime-a-dozen 4K display with one of the literally two 5Ks that exist in the market. One is retina, the other is absolutely not. 
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  • A new Mac Pro is coming, confirms Apple exec

    Maybe don’t put falsehoods in headlines, thank you