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  • Apple halts update to HomeKit's new Home architecture

    My upgrade was a total disaster. I sent my complaint to Tim Cook (obviously not expecting an answer) and two days later the executive support team called me to provide support. By then I re-installed ALL computers and mobile devices, reset my HomePod and more. It was so much work, and the error messages were so cryptic that it didn't provide any clues to where to look. But we had to fix it fast because we have over 70 smart devices in our house (sounds like a lot, but with smart lights, cameras, etc this number is met quickly).
    Apple made a mistake providing this update the way they did. The roll-out was messy. 
  • Apple removes headphone jack from new 10th generation iPad

    JP234 said:
    This is sure to bring out the trolls, claiming they will never buy another iPad.

    But at this point, who needs the audio jack anyway? You have legacy earbuds? Get new ones. Get Bluetooth ones. Or buy a cheapo adapter. You say the audio quality is too low over Bluetooth? Well, you should be using a high end stereo system, that has both the 35mm and 1/4" audio jacks, not an iPad.
    You probably don't have kids. I'm not giving them wireless phones that they lose because they are so small and expensive. You want to buy rugged, wired headphones that require no Bluetooth setup. 

    The removal of the jack is dumb, like many of the design choices Apple made for both iPads this year. The regular iPad is THE choice for kids, and they just removed something that is super popular for parents. 
  • All iOS VPNs are worthless and Apple knows it, claims researcher

    larryjw said:

    Protocols supported

    These devices work with VPN servers that support the following protocols and authentication methods:

    • IKEv2/IPsec with authentication by shared secret, RSA Certificates, Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) Certificates, EAP-MSCHAPv2, or EAP-TLS

    • SSL-VPN using the appropriate client app from the App Store

    • L2TP/IPsec with user authentication by MS-CHAPV2 password and machine authentication by shared secret (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS) and RSA SecurID or CRYPTOCard (macOS only)

    • Cisco IPsec with user authentication by password, RSA SecurID or CRYPTOCard, and machine authentication by shared secret and certificates (macOS only)

    This article mentions VPN generally. The above quote from Apple indicates the VPN protocols supported. I take this to imply there may be certain VPN apps for iOS, iPadOS and MacOS which may not fully protect communications. 
    The article is about VPN and its various protocols in general. The protocols are irrelevant in this discussion.
    What is happening is that on an operating system level the VPN tunnel gets ignored for some data streams and is going through the regular ‘channels’. 
    That isn’t supposed to work like that. VPN turned on, regardless of the protocol, means no data should move outside the tunnel, which is very problematic.
  • Apple details user privacy, security features built into its CSAM scanning system

    This is not enough. Apple has proven in several occasions their “privacy-first mantra” is just marketing, when you look at China, Russia and other countries.
    This system can be abused locally to search or collect data. I want Apple to at the very least state they will never ever do it, and if they do, are fine with the world-wide legal implications/liability.  

    Secondly, it’s MY device that I paid good money for and Apple allows me ZERO options to replace Photos with another app. It’s not that I can seamlessly switch and my camera and file browsing defaults to this new app - another topic but still relevant here.

    Ofcourse nobody wants child porn, but Apple is not the police nor did I choose to have my photos scanned.

    Screw this company and their hypocritical culture. I’m so much invested in their hardware and software but they are simply not the company anymore that I used to respect. 

  • Stop us if you've heard this before: There's a new Apple Silicon killer in town

    Xed said:
    JamesCude said:
    Is anyone really deciding their OS based on the chips, though? If you love Mac OS why on Earth would you settle for Windows just because the chips were closer performing? I'm sure it makes sense to the chipmakers but it's a non-starter for most actual end users. 
    It does make a difference even if people don't realize it.

    For example, I know people that switched to Windows during the later PowerPC Mac days because Macs were no longer within a reasonable lag that it was hurting production. Even if macOS (nee Mac OS and Mac OS X) can save you money by being more efficient and even if you've already purchased cross platform apps or even if you have to learn a different one there is a point at which it simply makes sense to not stick with a system whose HW performance isn't good enough.

    This is true. I’m actually considering moving back to Windows after more than a decade Mac. The reason is that I’m now doing a lot of AI related research for the company and many, if not all, requires CUDA (Nvidia) without the option to re-compile to leverage Metal. 
    Many people aren’t aware, but Nvidia is really a front-runner in that field and they’ve created strong ties between their R&D + software products to their hardware. I can no longer get around that. 

  • iOS 17 rumored to turn an iPhone lock screen into a smart home display

    I’m extremely frustrated with HomeKit. All the devices that support it are way more expensive due to license fees and many manufacturers leave out HomeKit because of it.
    Hopefully Matter will… matter… to create a more
    mature ecosystem. 

    I’m also surprised editing HomeKit scenes and automations is still so much hassle.

    This “display widgets when horizontally” makes sense but Android has had it for years now so it’s more a matter of playing catch-up.
  • Mozilla rampages over a lack of browser choice

    Madbum said:
    So whenever a business is doing badly, just complain about the people who are successful?

    how did this country get here?
    It’s not about that. It’s about a fair playing field. When companies become too powerful, they become the economy instead of operating in the economy. Ironically it then is no longer a free market.

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  • Full-featured Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro coming to iPad in May

    Subscription from Apple for an app?
    No thanks. F*cking subscriptions everywhere for an app I sometimes use everyday, sometimes not for months.

    If this happens with FCPX for macOS as well I’m off to Resolve. A shame because FCP is an excellent NLE (just very behind competitors in features) 
  • New HomePod vs 2018 HomePod - compared

    Seems to be a Tim Cook cost-cutting relaunch. 
    Still, the cord is fixed to the HomePod instead of being able to detach it.
    Still, it has no battery. Still, Siri does not work with Spotify. And still, the top Siri controls are awkward.
  • Intel has a faster processor than M2 Max, but at what cost?

    Users who want this kind of performance don't really care that much about having to plug in their laptop. They are not going do their expert magic at Star Bucks. Instead they might work at home or at a co-working space where outlets aren't exactly an issue.

    Yes, it all might be less elegant than a Mac, but the raw power offered here for the dollars paid is much better value than an M2 Max.