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  • Apple's Angela Ahrendts calls rumors of being Cook's successor 'fake news'

    My choice : bring Scott Forstall back. He grew up in the apple tradition with Steve.  Or someone who has similar background. 
  • Apple's Q4 iPad sales signal second quarter of resumed growth

    I love my new iPad Pro. I use it as my main tool these days. 
  • Jony Ive to speak on future of design at Smithsonian in Washington D.C. on Nov. 29

    I like that picture very much with these 5 folks that made history together. Only 3 are left with Apple. I think that it was a very special group of people. 
  • Magazine autographed by Steve Jobs sells at auction for over $50,000

    cgWerks said:
    A good friend has the premier issue of MacWorld he got Jobs to autograph at the opening of the San Francisco Apple Store. I took a look back at a photo gallery of the event and notice he and another coworker of mine (at the time) in the images:
    I worked night-shift at the time, so didn't make it there until later in the day. It's a bit sad that a place a spent a good bit of time in is now gone. (Haven't been to the new one yet, though.) I also met Jobs once at the Palo Alto Apple Store, but didn't have anything to autograph. I just said 'Hi' and thanked him for all he'd done. :)
    I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. 
  • Jony Ive recalls how Steve Jobs taught him to say no, especially when it hurts to do it

    sdw2001 said:
    justme12 said:
    Hey Jony - you should have said no to the camera bump and the notch. Steve not only would have said no - he would have laughed that you thought they were design options. 
    Another guy who doesn't get how things work in real life. There are what we in real life call "constraints", such as the physics and physical space required for light optics in lens elements. Note that nearly every single leading smartphone camera now has a bump. And guess what? Non-OCD normal people don't give a shit. 

    As for trotting out Jobs ghost, congrats on using a very old, very bogus troll trope. You don't know what he would or would not have done or thought because you are a random person a rumors site with no actual personal knowledge or data relevant to anything other than spouting off personal opinions. And you know what they say about opinions and assholes.
    As much as I think justme12 is going overboard with those criticisms, I do think he has a point.  Steve probably would have said no to the bump, and maybe the notch.  The former is exactly the kind of detail that would send him into a rage.  This is the guy that had to make sure the original Mac had wiring that was straight and clean aesthetically...inside the machine.  

    I also think you're going overboard yourself.  You don't need to attack him.  He  has every right to express his opinion.  Steve's penchant for detail and smooth, sleek design was as well known as his temper.  You don't need "data" to opine on what Steve may have done.  We know who he was.  We know the kind of products he'd get behind.  Aesthetics were everything to him.  This is the guy who approved the Cube and the sunflower iMac for Christ's sake!  
    Yes, and iPod socks. And the puck mouse. And all kinds of other ugly shit that didn't always work well. 

    Again, neither he nor you nor I nor anyone random on this forum can say what Jobs would or would not have done. It's a complete fallacy to attempt to validate your opinion by using fantasy-land as evidence. It's not evidence because it's fantasy written in your head. You simply cannot say nor can almost anyone.

    Curious that you say I attacked him. Incorrect. I criticized a weak idea. Big difference. I'm not here to validate everybody's opinions equally.
    Sorry to disagree but The IPod is great, I am in fact still using the classic 160 GB, last generation, and in my humble opinion it is one of the greatest designed I have seen (magnificent object, great handling, and solid).  When I don’t want to listen to music on my iPhone/iPad...I used the IPod.  Music and music only...
  • Editorial: Jony Ive's departure opens up an opportunity for Apple to think differently

    Something that strikes me is that the name of his new design studio LoveFrom was inspired by a quote by Steve Jobs. It just shows how deep the relationship was between Ive and Jobs. I am not sure actually if it is very healthy for someone to be so strongly linked to a great man who passed away. I am sure Ive has been trough an incredible personal struggle to define himself as a man outside the Apple system.