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  • Editorial: Jony Ive's departure opens up an opportunity for Apple to think differently

    Something that strikes me is that the name of his new design studio LoveFrom was inspired by a quote by Steve Jobs. It just shows how deep the relationship was between Ive and Jobs. I am not sure actually if it is very healthy for someone to be so strongly linked to a great man who passed away. I am sure Ive has been trough an incredible personal struggle to define himself as a man outside the Apple system. 
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  • Jony Ive returns to hands-on control of Apple design team

    cgWerks said:
    Soooo glad to hear this. The hardware designs have taken s step back in some ways. 

    And Ive Revolutionized iOS with a perfect minimalist UI THAT WAS THOROUGH. 

    THE current iteration can use a thorough going over. Keep it minimal and consistent. 

    I was thinking when Ive got involved was when it went downhill.
    Yes, if by “downhill” you mean growth exploded in multiple sectors and industries, with the best grossing product of all time under his belt, not to mention the most desired mp3 players, tablets, smart watches, and notebooks, all imitated and aped by competitors domestic and abroad, all of which catapulted the company into the single most successful public company in the history of earth. Yeah, totally went “downhill”. What a shame. 
    I said it before: it was a team of people (Steve, Jony, forstall,...) that worked together on the IPod, iPhone, iPad.  I think that too much credit is given to a single individual.  In real life you have the confluence of creativity, human interactions, luck, hard work, that resulted in the Apple black Swann we have seen. Apple is not Jony, Jony is not Apple (he is obviously key as many other people). Apple is much bigger than any one individual.
  • Jony Ive discusses the future of design at Apple, Steve Jobs and more in interview

    Nothing very new in what Jony is saying here. One thing though about Steve Jobs and the fact that the apple culture he nurtured will never disappear...i think that he underestimates the effect of time (let’s project Apple 20 years from now...) and another important fact being that it was a very special group of people (Steve, Jony, forstall,...) that created something special. Obviously Apple will do great things in the future but not with that founding group. And this we cannot change. 
  • Jony Ive to speak on future of design at Smithsonian in Washington D.C. on Nov. 29

    I like that picture very much with these 5 folks that made history together. Only 3 are left with Apple. I think that it was a very special group of people.