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  • Judge denies new Apple & VirnetX trial, Apple will likely owe more than $1B

    Apple should drop Facetime which is buggy anyway.
    I've been using FaceTime to keep in touch with family overseas for about 8 years now.  It's been consistently solid throughout that time. I can't imagine how you're managing to break it.
  • Amazon replaces MacBook Pro order with dog food

    JP234 said:
    The customer's experience was an outlier. I've never encountered a more customer-friendly service than Amazon. If my order is delivered to the wrong address, Amazon immediately issues a refund, and takes on the shipper, unlike so many other companies, who leave that to the customer. Returns are way easy. They provide a prepaid return label, or let me drop it off at the local Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh store (we have both within 3 miles of our house).

    When you consider the almost impossible logistics of managing the millions of orders Amazon processes every day, it's shocking that there aren't more mistakes.
    I use both Amazon US and Amazon UK.  Amazon UK are nowhere near as helpful as Amazon US, and even the latter is slipping from what it was a decade back.

  • Meross Outdoor Dimmer Plug review: Further control your outdoor lights at a budget-friendl...

    JamesCude said:
    Every product from Meross I ever tried field after a month or less. Failed as in stopped connecting to HomeKit, and could not be resuscitated.
    That's been my story too. My first died after about five weeks. Wouldn't power up at all. Second lasted about eight months before it started randomly cutting power every half hour or so. Third (and last) made it a year and a half but is now showing signs of heat stress as after about an hour, attached lights start to flicker.

    A very old iDevices outdoor unit, and a two year old Lutron caseta unit have been slogging away happily all the while though.

    Meross are crap.
  • Apple looking to develop custom ARM chips for future Macs, cutting out Intel - report

    sog35 said:
    Does this mean going back to the days of most programs being incompatible with Mac like with the Power PC? No bootcamp anymore? 
    who cares about Window's programs? Very few.

    If Apple releases an A-chip desktop for $199-$299 they will sell a boat load of them.  And devs will be forced to bring over their Apps to A-chip desktop platform.

    They're going to release a full desktop for less than their cheapest iPad?  Your math is off.
  • Everything new coming to HomeKit in iOS 16

    strikey said:
    I don’t get HomeKit, I have dozens of iot devices and none of them use HomeKit. It’s useless. 
    My strategy is to check the box before buying. I have a whole house full of smart devices, all of them work with HomeKit, or can be made to.
  • Apple facing another lawsuit claiming media purchase buttons are misleading

    This case is going nowhere.  Apple are clear that you need to download your media to maintain a permanent copy, and contra to what this lawsuit insinuates, Apple obviously *does not* delete songs downloaded to local hard drives. 
  • Stolen Device Protection to thwart iPhone thieves with passcodes with time delay

    nofeer said:
    I have 2FA also recent security articles say to use screen time passcode to prevent this

    doesnt screen time passcode work
    or do we need more ?? 
    Screen time password does not work. You only need the main passcode to disable it. At best it slows down the process by a few seconds.