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  • Apple Maps, Weather app now shows Crimea as Russian territory

    Well done that Apple has elevated itself from all the geopolitical tussles of this planet. If one looks back through history, Crimea was moved across to Ukraine for administrative convenience during the USSR 1960s period. It houses USSR's Black Sea fleet, having strategic interest to the USSR, now Russia. With the breakup of the USSR, there was a lease to Russia that permitted the continuing operation of the Black Sea fleet. However, US led West decided to flip Ukraine's allegiance through a coloured revolution and then recinds the agreement with the aim of 'killing' the Black Sea fleet. It was but obvious that Russia would 'take back' Crimea, no surprise. Apple's action just reflected geopolitical reality of today but I also understand it'll annoy all the 'America good, Russia bad' fanboys.
  • Trump signs executive order banning TikTok, WeChat on Sept. 20

    Never forget that Trump at a previous face to face meeting with Xi of China, asked Xi's help in keeping him elected but Xi refused (see John Bolton's disclosure). These are now the payback against China. As a US commentator said, this is a classic mafia tactic. US's global reputation has just gone down another major tier.
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  • Apple sued over atrial fibrillation optical sensor in Apple Watch

    Issued in 2006 and still hasn't been acquired by any of the major medical monitoring companies after 13 years says a lot of about the value of this patent. Assuming 12 months b/n filing and issuance, this patent will be running out of steam in another 3 years. Desperate measure to extract some return.
  • Apple hit with lawsuit after admitting to slowing down iPhones with depleted batteries

    jume said:
    They should get sued for this. My iPhone 6 is so fucking slow at moments its barely useable. Why there just can't be a switch in settings. It's my decision if I want usable phone or if an app shuts down because of an old battery. This is bad for Apple. 
    Your iPhone 6 is 'so fxxx slow' because you have old apps and/or left too little free storage space. Nothing to do with the few percentage points in processor performance reduction for peak power.

    This law suit reflects badly on some members of the society.
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  • Hong Kong legislator urges Tim Cook to put 'values over profits, pls!'

    Supporting violence for personal political gain, not much better or worse than Trump! Tim is just being responsible and not meddling in foreign domestic politics, per US Congress and public opinion.
  • US lawmakers urge Apple CEO Tim Cook to reinstate HKmap Live app

    Hypocrites! Let's call the Russians to come in and meddle in US politics too.
  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    This is how to generate 18% of US's national GDP through legal services. Lots of frivolous law suits based on ridicules 'Me First' expectations. Land of 'Me First'!
  • Cook discusses China investment, consumer rights, more with market regulator in Beijing

    Cook is above the political level and refuses to take side in meaningless geopolitical tussle. His job is to do the best for the global company, not as a weapon of the present US government as for Google.
  • Trump demands TikTok sell U.S. arm by September 15 or cease operation

    Just showing the US is going against all the principles it founded, a clear sign of a declining power that needs to use brute bullying tactics to support the ideologues in the Whitehouse. No surprise also, this and similar tactics were also used on Japan during the 80s and 90s to crush Japan's rise, from demonisation of Japan to bullying of its businesses in the US and globally. Sadly for the US, China won't be that pushover as demonstrated by the failed trade war. Time is on China's side and the US nation and its people will suffer for the evils this Trump administration plants. So sad for a nation that had a lot of good.