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  • Apple's reliance on China continues to grow despite expansions in Brazil and India

    hammeroftruth said:

    That’s the whole rub with making things in China. It makes them affordable compared to making them here. No minimum wage, no age limits on hiring, no enforcement of preventing overworking factory workers, giving them prison like quarters to live when they aren’t working...
    It's impressive how Trump has created a distortion field that's more pervasive on the American society than what Jobs did back then. If one looked outside the field, one would find that China has employment laws with minimum wage, age, working conditions amongst many others we take for granted. The world is changing rapidly and societies and countries are also evolving rapidly. Of course, keep a large population hostile and in the dark is of benefit for political aims.

  • BMW says annual $80 CarPlay fee needed for ongoing testing & development

    Earlier I mentioned that I chose a Merc 3 years ago partly and significantly on account of Merc's inclusion of CarPlay as its default functionality while BMW wanted to charge. With this latest news and at the recent Merc service, they even freely added a new MercedesMe feature through a complimentary OBD2 adaptor, allowing the car to communicate with a new iPhone app. Whilst I understand there's marketing data for Merc, it's still pleasant to know that new features are added to a 3 years old vehicle for free. This BMW tooth and nail pricing strategy will definitely keep me away for more time to come.

    From another angle, I understand that BMW is proud of their own info display system. Back then, the BMW sales people tried to say that their system is far superior than CarPlay hence no need for CarPlay. It was very good and they obviously invested significantly into that feature. Is the present arrangement a way to force users to use and continue to justify the existence of their proprietary system? I'd say that they probably made a strategic error and is now burying their head in sand. Smartphone integration is an unavoidable development and is here to stay. Charging away is a very poor solution.
  • BMW says annual $80 CarPlay fee needed for ongoing testing & development

    This is hilarious and sad for a car company that once was on the top of my admiration list. At my last car purchase 3 years ago, it was exactly this arrogance and demand for extra money for CarPlay that made me pick up a Merc instead. Merc provided CarPlay/GooglePlay support as a part of its default factory package and without charge. Sorry, BMW can continue to lose sales with it as I approach my next car update cycle.
  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    cat52 said:

    Yeah, I agree...

    Build more factories in Taiwan, Vietnam, or really anywhere other than China.

    China's record on the environment as well as human rights is just absolutely dreadful.

    If I were a US exec, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing my new factory in Shanghai is helping out the regime in Beijing.
    Guess what happened when China rejected taking all the garbage of the US and other developed countries? Every one of them suffered with piles and piles of unmanageable garbage! Stop accusing China on the environment when our garbage and contaminations from the goods we use everyday are all there in China. Shameful to make such accusations!

    An example of you being a US exec as in the form of Trump is in office. Good luck to America!
  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    China took decades to make China a manufacturing powerhouse.
    They could do it because it is a totalitarian state.

    Manufacturing stuff in the U.S. is not the way to beat China.

    China developed into a manufacturing powerhouse because of leadership vision and hard work, nothing to do with being totalitarian. Further, if totalitarian can bring on a 40 fold increase in the national GDP, alleviate 500M people out of poverty, change the national transport infrastructure with 25,000km of high speed rail, bringing national health care to all the citizens amongst others, then I'm all for that form of totalitarianism! LOL

    Being stuck in a multi-decades old Cold War mentality does not help.