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  • Samsung to reportedly build $17B chip factory in Taylor, Texas

    tyler82 said:
    Kuyangkoh said:
    Everyone is moving to Texas, they are all leaving California, hmm i wonder why??? 
    California has its problems, but is still above and beyond a stronger economy and much more desirable place to live than Texas. The reason some people are leaving is because of it’s own success and popularity: it’s too damn expensive because everyone wants to be in California (well, everyone who matters anyway, not trailer park Fox News indoctrinated cranks). 

    I wonder how many people are regretting their move after the power grid failures and mass deaths of people in Texas freezing to death. That’s some third world dystopia right there. 
    I’ve lived in Texas all of my life except for a couple of years.  I’m tired of this state. We should call it taxes instead of Texas.  Correct, we don’t pay an income tax, but my property tax is much more expensive!!  In addition my home owners insurance increased by 45% without any clear explanation!!
  • US DOJ attacks nearly every aspect of Apple's business in massive antitrust suit

    Not voting for either idiot for president this year!!!

    Amazon is more of a Monopoly threat, then Apple or Google.  How many mom and Pop shops have been closed because of Walmart and Amazon and other big box stores. buying products from Apple or Google or 7-Eleven is a consumers choice.
  • Samsung to reportedly build $17B chip factory in Taylor, Texas

    rob53 said:
    Property tax breaks of 92.5% means Samsung won’t be contributing to schools and infrastructure (utilities). Who pays for those? Oil? Nobody does because the rich get richer and everyone else lives in poverty. Texas has become like an abused third-world country. 
    Meanwhile, my property taxes in Texas will increase by over 10% next year.  SMFH
  • Apple apologizes for iPad Pro 'Crush' ad after massive backlash

    If we have a global warming problem, then why are there more snowflakes then ever? 😝

    Seriously though, why are we letting a minority of displeased and sensitive people ruin everything.  I let my high-school age kid watch it and she doesn’t get the controversy. Apple doesn’t have to apologize for this ad because a group of people are in their feelings.  What about the people who actually liked the ad.  Do our thoughts not matter?   Life used to be fun, until both the far-left and far-right ruined everything.
  • Apple's 'Crush' iPad Pro ad sparks intense backlash from creatives

    being a child of the 80s I guess I didn’t see anything wrong with this ad.  It to me the apple was just trying to compress all of the potential creativity options in an iPad. But the new generations contain a whole bunch of snowflakes who can’t take anything.
  • Apple's 'Crush' iPad Pro ad sparks intense backlash from creatives

    I find the fact that some people seem to be so triggered by this to be much more of a reflection of something going on inside them than on Apple. I honestly kind of fear for our future if people have become so highly sensitized that they can’t even watch something like this without getting their feelings hurt.  Lighten up, people! 

    It’s a creative ad showing a bunch of inanimate objects being crushed down into an “impossibly thin” iPad! It immediately reminded me of some of the hydraulic press videos on social media and I found it to be playful, creative, and fun. 
    Agreed 💯 about our future.  Folks can’t take a joke or be honest without being offended.  I miss good lighthearted comedies on TV instead of all this BS reality TV crap. I see all this because the new generations really needs help.  
  • Apple Silicon chips expected to be refreshed on an 18 month cycle

    This is longer than the intel cycle, albeit the Apple silicon processors are better though.
  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    Folks forget that this is a pro “labeled” device meaning it’s going to have that “pro” price.  To be honest, it’s the best AR/VR device that I’ve seen.  I like that it’s a potential monitor replacement.  Instead of two studio displays you can strap the Vision Pro on and have multiple displays everywhere.
  • Apple unveils trailer for Will Smith movie 'Emancipation'

    The guy was just defending his wife.  Wouldn’t you do it in his circumstance? I am not condoning violence but to me, this a simple issue between three individuals that can be handled in civil court since charges were not pressed.  I hate cancel culture because everyone had made mistakes and technically everyone can be cancelled.  I believe that truly heinous crimes or blatant disregard for someone’s race should call for cancellation.
  • Japan joins US and Europe in Apple & big tech antitrust scrutiny efforts

    What about Samsung, LG, Huawei and the other major Asian conglomerates??  They’re the ones that should be invested!!