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  • Apple unveils trailer for Will Smith movie 'Emancipation'

    The guy was just defending his wife.  Wouldn’t you do it in his circumstance? I am not condoning violence but to me, this a simple issue between three individuals that can be handled in civil court since charges were not pressed.  I hate cancel culture because everyone had made mistakes and technically everyone can be cancelled.  I believe that truly heinous crimes or blatant disregard for someone’s race should call for cancellation.
  • US lawmakers call for universal charging standard - but not necessarily for USB-C

    It’s funny how people still don’t know the difference between socialism and communism!!
  • Apple's new 35W power adapter can charge two devices at once

    Question, can you connect a stereo HomePod mini pair to this single adapter?
  • 'Apple Together' group organizing corporate, retail walkout on Dec. 24

    Apple should relocate to Texas. There, the workforce know how to balance their checkbooks and don’t blame the employers they agreed to work for, later. Especially after their boyfriend or girlfriend they used to split rent with decides to leave California, first. 
    Texas is full 😜
  • 'Apple Together' group organizing corporate, retail walkout on Dec. 24

    BoreDum said:
    tommikele said:

    Don't like the conditions and your employer isn't breaking the law? Have conviction and quit. Walking off the job is a very different thing than a protest. By all means protest. Walk off the job? See you at the unemployment office.

    Odds are good Cher Scarlett is behind much of this.
    I’m not excusing Apple, but No job is perfect.  If there’s a bad manager then they should be let go.  The simple fact that Apple is giving to HBCUs and other gender equality organizations should be a testament to their corporate image.  

    Some folks really do have a victim hood mindset that every slight or miss promotions or perceive emotion is a grievance.  I don’t know this “ Cher Scarlett” lady, but according to Wiki (yeah I know) she has a history of jumping companies and filing lawsuits.  
    The reality that you might not understand is that if there is a bad manager, Apple has not been taking action to let these people go. Also, there have been instances of Apple as an employer breaking the law directly through not allowing conversations of working conditions or wages to be talked about.

    I did quit, sent an email talking about wages and working conditions, and my email got deleted (by the bad manager) from the store's server. Pretty illegal if you ask me.

    It's a shame when individuals assume they know the scope of a situation without ever being in that situation themselves.
    Really, you don’t know me bro.  So don’t ASSume to know what I’ve been through.  I’ve had terrible managers that threaten to physically fight me because I made a mistake.  I bought up my grievances but in the end corporate failed to address the issue.  They relocated me and said that I was the problem.  Now, if he would have hit me then, I would have Permanently disabled him by breaking his neck.  But in the end I left that job and found something much better.  

    However I don’t constantly re-live an event because it brings on victim hood.  It made me stronger as a person and taught me to not stuck with one employer.

      Reality is that Apple has over 100K employees, crap gets lost or deleted. I don't know all of the means that you applied for your grievance.  Like someone else said the comments, there's a path to file these things.  If you talked to your manager or sent an e-mail and it didn't go anywhere, then talk to his boss and keep running it up the ladder.  Or utilize the Human Resource department.  But good luck with that, typically HR is only going to protect those who will more likely cause damage to the brand or will sue. 

    Speaking of, If you still feel wronged by the company then get a lawyer and sue.  Go external if you can’t go internal. 

    I applaud the recent labor movement; however, I don't depend of people.  In the end of the day, I have to train people on how to treat me.  You can setup boundaries with your boss and don't have to tolerate crap.  Also keep a DETAILED log of any potential infraction and make sure you have people who are not AFRAID to back you up.