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  • Apple unveils new iPhone SE priced at just $399

    This is the probably Best phone available at this price point but I WANT A SMALLER PHONE!
    Really miss the 5S/SE sized phone and I know I'm not alone. 
    A full screen device with roughly the same dimensions of the 5S/SE would be perfect. 

  • Compare the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max versus the size of other iPhones with this pri...

    "their cases aren't truly that much bigger than that of the iPhone SE."

    This is an absurd comment. 
    The new phones are significantly larger in hand than the 5SE.
    Steve Jobs would be going ballistic right now if he saw the new lineup. Not that the tech isn't impressive but the double camera bumps for 3 lenses is hideous and the fact that none of the phones can be easily used one handed (like a phone is supposed to be used) is something he always touted.
    Apple is losing market share to other companies and I would bet my lefty that if they introduced an 11SE alongside the 11 for $100 less, that was full screen with overall dimensions similar to the 5SE, It would be their #1 selling phone. 
    Full Screen, single camera, retina display, absurd battery (phone can be same thickness as 5S and no sane person would complain), more rugged (market is as "sport" or for tradesmen/workers who are moving around all day).

    Just like last year, I was holding out hope for this event but am having the battery replaced in my 7 today.  I have zero intentions of buying a new phone before I absolutely have to, unless they come out with a phone-sized phone again. My kid plays with my old 5S and every time I pick it up I think of how awesome that thing would be with an edge to edge screen. 
  • iPhone 12 mini Review: 'Mini' in name alone

    The battery life is better than I expected (knock on wood) based on all the reviews stating the battery life was an issue.
    Lasts longer into the day than my 7 was even with a brand new battery in it. 
    This also supports fast charging (corded) and wireless charging. 
    I imagine there will be magsafe battery cases/packs hitting the market soon that can supplement for when you know you'll need that extra battery life.

  • Cheaper 6.1-inch LCD 2018 iPhone expected to be Apple's most popular model

    MacOS7 said:
    airnerd said:
    Still waiting on the normal sized SE 2 to be announced.  
    Yes, please!!! But, I hope it's more like a iPhone X mini. Same size as the SE, but specs at least somewhat in line with the modern phones with an updated form factor. I love the iPhone 5s/SE form, I think it's the most successful design to date, but it's time for an update.
    I have a 7 and would trade it & a good sum of money for a full featured phone with the dimensions of the 5S/SE.
    I love everything about the 7 except the fact that I leave it down all over because I avoid putting it in my pocket, where my phone should be, like every other iphone I have owned before it...  
    C'mon APPLE! how bout a "sport" phone marketed as a more rugged, full featured phone.
    I could care less if its thinner than a 5S, never once held up my 5S and said "this is just too thick". 
    As for the display, The 7 is LCD and is more than sufficient (so wasnt the 5S). If most of us want a cinematic experience, we would do it on a TV (or perhaps an ipad). 
    also could care less what tech unlocks the device as long as it functions well. faceid or a fingerprint sensor in screen or even on the back of the device is fine. 
    Lotta working class or active people that would prefer a smaller & more rugged form factor. 
    My dream iphone would be same/similar dimensions to 5S but full screened like the X w/ a great battery life, waterproofing and a screen that is easily replaced.

  • Apple's iPhone 12 mini has us questioning our larger phones

    crowley said:
    I’ve no desire to update this year, but I hope the Mini sticks around as that’s definitely the form factor for me. I could stand it getting a bit smaller even. The iPhone 5 was my preferred size.
    I went from a 5S to a 7 and SWORE I would never go bigger so I held on to that 7 until last week when I received this new 12 mini and I absolutely love it. 
    Im a guy with a size Large hand in gloves, so this has nothing to do with "tiny hands". I just prefer a compact phone. Always have. Even back before they had touch screens. 
    This 12Mini's size, shape & feel is everything I loved about the 5S but with a screen that is bigger than the 7 (and it seems significantly bigger when using side by side).
    The camera is great and the speed is awesome. 
    If you liked that 5 body style, this is perfect.