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  • iPhone 12 mini Review: 'Mini' in name alone

    The battery life is better than I expected (knock on wood) based on all the reviews stating the battery life was an issue.
    Lasts longer into the day than my 7 was even with a brand new battery in it. 
    This also supports fast charging (corded) and wireless charging. 
    I imagine there will be magsafe battery cases/packs hitting the market soon that can supplement for when you know you'll need that extra battery life.

  • Apple's iPhone 12 mini has us questioning our larger phones

    crowley said:
    I’ve no desire to update this year, but I hope the Mini sticks around as that’s definitely the form factor for me. I could stand it getting a bit smaller even. The iPhone 5 was my preferred size.
    I went from a 5S to a 7 and SWORE I would never go bigger so I held on to that 7 until last week when I received this new 12 mini and I absolutely love it. 
    Im a guy with a size Large hand in gloves, so this has nothing to do with "tiny hands". I just prefer a compact phone. Always have. Even back before they had touch screens. 
    This 12Mini's size, shape & feel is everything I loved about the 5S but with a screen that is bigger than the 7 (and it seems significantly bigger when using side by side).
    The camera is great and the speed is awesome. 
    If you liked that 5 body style, this is perfect. 
  • iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max delivery times start to slip

    ordered mine around 11am on the east coast thru apple and says next friday for arrival. 
  • Apple unveils new iPhone SE priced at just $399

    tomasulu said:
    ne4now76 said:
    This is the probably Best phone available at this price point but I WANT A SMALLER PHONE!
    Really miss the 5S/SE sized phone and I know I'm not alone. 
    A full screen device with roughly the same dimensions of the 5S/SE would be perfect. 

    You’re kidding right? This is the best phone at this price point if you wanna get an Apple phone no matter. You can get an android for half the price with better screen and camera with a bezel-less design. 
    Which one? I really cant imagine a phone that could hang with this for $200. Not that I would ever go back to android & My last 2 samsungs were garbage and neither made it 2 years. I had my 5S until the 7 came out and am still using that. My 5S still functions and my kid plays with it.  My 7 operates fine and I had the apple store replace the battery a few months ago. I'm pretty pleased with every apple product i have purchased other than the remote control for the 4k AppleTV. Only thing that would entice me to buy a new phone would be a quality product with a SMALLER footprint than the 7. 
  • Apple unveils new iPhone SE priced at just $399

    This is a perfect $399 phone. For those wanting a small footprint, full-screen iPhone the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 is for you. It will only be a bit larger than the original SE and smaller than the SE 2020. Apple will have something for everyone.
    Wait wut? a phone Smaller (overall size, not just screen) than this is coming?