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  • Apple Card: no multi-user support, no penalty rates, foreign transactions, more

    I don’t know if it’s just me....But I’ve never been this excited for a credit card before 
  • Review: Level Lock is the invisible smart home lock with HomeKit for your front door

    mike1 said:
    This looks interesting. I'm in the market for a Smart Lock and was leaning towards the new August WiFi. The only thing that gives me pause with the Level is changing the battery. Even though they claim it will last a year, changing the battery looks like it will be a mini-project in itself, as everything needs to come apart again.
    Actually the battery is in the bolt itself and screws off easily when the battery needs changing no need to take the whole lock apart,I’ve had mine 6 mths and  battery still shows full 
  • Eight Siri features we want to see in iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12 at WWDC ...

    I honestly just want Siri to work together across all Apple os in a way that makes life a little easier.Why can’t I say hey Siri ,play the latest episode of something on my Apple TV or if I’m watching a music video on my Apple TV say hey Siri ,play this song on my HomePod .I feel like I have 20 different Siri in my home that don’t know each other.
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  • New Level Lock complete smart lock package with HomeKit arrives

    mike1 said:

    I thought HomeKit didn't allow Siri to unlock doors as a safety feature. (Preventing someone from yelling into an open window to unlock the front door.)
    You can unlock with Siri, but you have to do so on an authenticated device like an unlocked iPhone or an Apple Watch with Wrist Detection on. 

    If you call out "Hey Siri" to a HomePod, it will ask you to authenticate on your iPhone using Face ID, Touch ID, or your password before the door gets unlocked.

    I'm more curious how Level is going to allow users to automatically unlock upon returning home. The article says it uses HomeKit for that, but it's not really something that HomeKit supports. Geofencing can't be used to unlock a door, since HomeKit requires authentication to do so, and even so, unless Bluetooth proximity is involved it's not a good idea for most people as it's not nearly precise enough — you probably don't want your door unlocking automatically when you're still several hundred feet away from your house. Other locks like August use their own apps with a combination of geofencing and Bluetooth proximity so it only unlocks when you're reasonably close by.
    Level (using level bolt) uses geofencing and Bluetooth through its own app.I had it set up through HomeKit (using a scene) but it would always ask to authenticate,with the level app my door unlocks automatically once I’m in Bluetooth range.
  • Apple's tvOS 15 is now available for Apple TV

    I feel like I’ve always been able to turn my Apple TV on with a HomePod original and mini.Is it just now to a specific show?and any show from any app or just Apple TV+ ?
  • AirTag review: sets out to do one thing, and does it near perfectly

    What I can’t figure out is…if me and my wife both have airtags on our separate set of keys will we always be notified that the other ones tag is “tagging alone” every time we ride together?Or on a bus or train with multiple people with airtags on them