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  • Apple will no longer report iPhone, Mac and iPad unit sales

    The analysts have brought it upon themselves. All their crystal ball gazing and their supply chain predictions of what they think Apple should be selling.
    Bottomline is sales and profits.
  • Microsoft may follow Apple in creating own chips for Surface notebooks

    Microsoft catching up to M1 chip, while Apple are putting finishing touches on M5 while sorting out M6??
  • Apple asking judge stop iOS, App Store from being labeled 'essential facility'

    This sums it up for me. 

    Instead, Apple suggests that "the real basis for Epic's claim is that it does not like the terms of access it does have."
  • Steve Wozniak 'can't tell the difference' between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

    maybe he's holding it wrong...
  • Apple's wearables revenue surpasses Mac and iPad in Q3

     Apple Watch has to be one of the easiest go to presents for getting a wow response. Graduations, birthdays, Christmas, etc, etc.  It's got a price point that makes it not too expensive, but high enough to make it special enough.  So much growth left for Apple Watch.

  • Apple Watch lead Kevin Lynch reportedly transferred to 'Apple Car' team

    It's obvious... Apple Car is going to be an ambulance.  
  • Minnesota the latest to introduce bill that allows developers to bypass App Store billing

    dewme said:
    It would be one thing if Apple "lured" partners into its budding ecosystem and suddenly jumped in and exerted its newfound "monopoly" power by placing extra demands on its now "locked in" partners. But this was never the case. If anything Apple has bent to pressure from developers and lightened up on their original demands while continuing to invest billions into infrastructure.

    I just think these lazy, self entitled POS entities like Epic are playing Apple for a rube and trying to bully Apple through the employment of lobbyists who know how to tweak these clueless and bought and paid-for politicians to do their bidding for them. Arming lobbyists with bags of cash and support from mobs of whiners and fakers is a whole lot cheaper than investing in R&D and doing the hard work required to create, grow, and foster an ecosystem that has broad appeal and staying power. 

    These legislators are disgusting and make a mockery of the inventive and entrepreneurial spirit that separates the doers from the hangers-on and slackers. 
    There is a lot of attention being paid towards BIG TECH - some of it justified.  

    But as a consequence of this scrutiny there will be significant collateral damage. Practices that are appropriate will be tainted with this brush and suffer for it.

    Issues are not being fairly considered and the tropes of BIG BAD TECH, GREEDY APPLE and MONOPOLY are being thrown about easily and lazily. 

    Apple have based a key part of their business around controlling access to their platforms for privacy and user protection. Some of what's been proposed can destroy the safeguards that users enjoy and rely upon. But a large part of the user community may not realise they are there. And importantly the governments don't properly appreciate them either.
  • Apple's Mac and iPad sales break quarterly records

    Given the fluidity between Mac and iPad as computing devices, that means Apple had a $15.6 billion computer arm in that qtr. 
  • Apple's wearables revenue surpasses Mac and iPad in Q3

    But there’s a subset who are not watch people. Make sure if it’s a gift that the recipient is a watch person who will appreciate it. If they’re not, they’ll think Apple Watch is junk and never learn to wear and use it. That would be a bummer.

    I bought Series 6 after only one year with Series 5 because of the BLUE color I had to have. Turns out it looks like BLACK most of the time. But then I was pleasantly surprised to get 40-48 hours of use between 100 minute charges with the series 6. So I’m not sure what Apple can do to get me to move up to a series 7 watch. But I gotta say there is a huge difference between Series 5 and 6 with both charging time and longevity of the charge. Can anyone else confirm my experience with Series 6 or not?

    I don’t use notifications at all. I’m always ON Do Not Disturb and Silent modes. But I do leave the X-Large display Always ON with the Juice Watch complication to monitor both my iPhone and Apple Watch battery levels. Keep Wake Screen settings ALL OFF.

    My favorite watch complications are Juice Watch, Weather, Timer, Voice In A Can (Alexa for Apple Watch), Parcel, Overcast (podcast player), Workout, and Our Groceries. Still getting roughly 2 days between charges including one 20 mile Outdoor Cycle workout during that 2 days.
    " a subset who are not watch people. "  - that's true.  But a big selling point of Apple Watch is as a fitness device, and it then becomes more than a watch but a health/fitness monitor. Plus communication/notification gizmo.  

    I'm curious what the experience is of their friends/colleagues etc who have just tossed their Apple Watch in a drawer versus those who 
    always wear it.