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  • Patent troll hits Apple with second lawsuit over Apple Maps

    Seems like all the most obvious and also fundamental ideas have been captured by non-practicing entities. What are the odds?

  • Steve Wozniak 'can't tell the difference' between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

    maybe he's holding it wrong...
  • Apple's wearables revenue surpasses Mac and iPad in Q3

    But there’s a subset who are not watch people. Make sure if it’s a gift that the recipient is a watch person who will appreciate it. If they’re not, they’ll think Apple Watch is junk and never learn to wear and use it. That would be a bummer.

    I bought Series 6 after only one year with Series 5 because of the BLUE color I had to have. Turns out it looks like BLACK most of the time. But then I was pleasantly surprised to get 40-48 hours of use between 100 minute charges with the series 6. So I’m not sure what Apple can do to get me to move up to a series 7 watch. But I gotta say there is a huge difference between Series 5 and 6 with both charging time and longevity of the charge. Can anyone else confirm my experience with Series 6 or not?

    I don’t use notifications at all. I’m always ON Do Not Disturb and Silent modes. But I do leave the X-Large display Always ON with the Juice Watch complication to monitor both my iPhone and Apple Watch battery levels. Keep Wake Screen settings ALL OFF.

    My favorite watch complications are Juice Watch, Weather, Timer, Voice In A Can (Alexa for Apple Watch), Parcel, Overcast (podcast player), Workout, and Our Groceries. Still getting roughly 2 days between charges including one 20 mile Outdoor Cycle workout during that 2 days.
    " a subset who are not watch people. "  - that's true.  But a big selling point of Apple Watch is as a fitness device, and it then becomes more than a watch but a health/fitness monitor. Plus communication/notification gizmo.  

    I'm curious what the experience is of their friends/colleagues etc who have just tossed their Apple Watch in a drawer versus those who 
    always wear it. 
  • Apple's wearables revenue surpasses Mac and iPad in Q3

     Apple Watch has to be one of the easiest go to presents for getting a wow response. Graduations, birthdays, Christmas, etc, etc.  It's got a price point that makes it not too expensive, but high enough to make it special enough.  So much growth left for Apple Watch.

  • Apple's Mac and iPad sales break quarterly records

    Given the fluidity between Mac and iPad as computing devices, that means Apple had a $15.6 billion computer arm in that qtr.