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  • Apple could reveal iPhone 15 on September 12

    If that’s on September 12, 2023, thats the day of my dad’s birthday! RIP my dad… his birthday was on September 12, 1958. I miss my dad  :'(
  • What to expect from Apple's 'Wonderlust' iPhone 15 event today

    On my birthday! Thank you Apple!
    Same as my dad. He would be 65 that day… but he passed away when he was 58. RIP my dad… 
  • All the new features and changes in iOS 14 beta 3

    You should saying which this beta 3 are for. Developer Beta or Public Beta. I check my iPhone XS Max and it said, “iOS 14.0 Your software is up to date” on Beta 2.
  • iPhone 14 could sport upgraded front cameras for selfies, FaceTime calls

    There is only one upgrade I care about for the next iPhone and its the reason I skipped the 13.  Please just make it USB C.  That's it.  Every other device I travel with is USB-C, just make it happen Apple!
    I disagreed. I don’t really like USB-C because the “tongue” inside that USB-C port can break easily unlike Lightning port. 
  • DOJ formalizes request for encryption back-doors

    Sir or Ma'am, 

    First, again don't you understand that backdoor is way too dangerous for us as people and you, the "Five Eyes". I don't fucking think so that y'all want to access to our sensitive personal private.  It doesn't MATTER I repeat, MATTER if you promise that the backdoor will be under heavy security... Hacker and the bad guy can find a way to steal our private data.  Sorry but no, we are NOT allowed anybody from install backdoor in our companies operation system.  There is five words for you to listen very careful: The Backdoor is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PERIOD.  If y'all decided to create the law to demand access to backdoor into our device, y'all will face our lawsuit against AG, Trump Administrator and other federal stuff in the Supreme Court of the United States.  I'm sure Apple will REFUSED to comply federal mandatory to access their products just like Apple bravely did in one of those courts. 

    Second, you, William Barr, the US Attorney General: You take this bill and law shove it up your ass!

    Third of all, again, let us, American Citizen tell you something:

    FUCK OFF and shove it.


    American Citizens
  • Apple considers delay of iOS 14 privacy feature after ad industry backlash

    Apple should NOT be caved in by those ad fuckers who concern about ad revenues bullshit.  We don’t WANT any ad to snoop into our personal business.  We do NOT want to see what they suggest based on what we surf on website, email, etc, etc.  

    They need to take their noses off our assholes and sniff into their own assholes!  They should of RESPECT our personal privacy!  They keep their own secrets and private to theirselves.  We respect their top secret and/or private trade.  They should respect our secret or private business!!! 
  • TikTok has been banned in Montana, but chances of the law surviving are slim

    AppleInsider said:

    "Today, Montana takes the most decisive action of any state to protect Montanans' private data and sensitive personal information from being harvested by the Chinese Communist Party," Montana Mayor Greg Gianforte said in a statement.
    Mayor? You mean Governor?  ;)