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  • Apple's powerful new Mac mini perfectly suits the 'Pro' market, yet the complaints have al...

    Thermodynamics, indeed. 

    I was waiting for the newest Mac Mini to see if that nasty, inefficient case-design had been fixed. It wasn’t, so I bought the most expensive, 27” Retina iMac (not the Pro). 

    I could have gotten the iMac Pro, but it’s rather more than I need, as I drift into retirement. 

    My complaint about the Mac Mini (after owning five of them, all generations) is that they overheat. The one on my desk is sitting on a wire rack in the open air, with a USB-powered fan underneath it.

    Even so, it gets hot periodically, according to SMC Fan Control. Even with the fan manually cranked as fast as it goes. 

    My office and my desk are NOT hot, nor poorly ventilated. I like my A/C, too. The Mac Mini just does not have a good design that allows for good enough airflow, and the chips age quickly as a direct result. 

    I’ve bought my last Mac Mini.  The current one is crashing horribly, and I have to power it down and restart if I want to get any work done.

    I have been a professional Mac consultant since 1985, by the way.  I’ve seen Mac Minis with similar heating issues with dozens of clients. I want a computer that will last me ten years. My Mac Minis tend to last maybe three or four. 
  • Uber drops self-driving operation in Arizona, following fatality

    I have a rather contrary viewpoint:

    The woman with the bicycle had it coming, and she deserved what happened. 

    In the USA, ALL bicycles are equipped with reflectors to increase visibility at night.  By law. 

    She removed them, as is clearly shown in the video. 

    She had no lights. 

    She throws herself randomly into rushing traffic, narrowly missed by the car to the Uber’s left. If she had stepped off the curb five seconds earlier, she would have been struck by that human-driven car, and this wouldn’t be a story. Just evolution in action. 

    She was atupid, thoughtless, and I hate the way that this story has developed. 
  • Apple switches off Back to My Mac remote access for all users

    "Despite that wording, though, Apple's Screen Sharing is only meant for Macs on the same network. " This has never been true. I use it nearly on a daily basis with clients all over the USA.