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  • Apple TV+ launches with original series and movies

    I just saw the first of Episode of See, if all the content is of the same quality, I'm in! Just amazing ... what a relief!
  • 2020 iPad Pro's A12Z shows little improvement over 2018's A12X in early benchmarks

    Real world performance will be much better, the memory bump is way more important, the 8 core cpu was more than powerful enough. The extra GPU core will make gaming and AR a much better experience ...
    Synthetic benchmarks are a indication but only real world usage is important.

  • Microsoft says that if Apple isn't stopped now, its antitrust behavior will just get worse...

    Oh Microsoft what about M365? You actually leverage your Win position to force out all other MDM/Office/Identity providers out of the market, (everyone is leaving MDM platforms as you offer Intune for “free” ) What about Xbox, and you buying up game developers … Sore losers, but fear not, people will eventually see this and cancel their M365 subs, I know my company with 300 seats just did, just because they feel abused … and Apple is offering Apple Business Essentials … I hope a lot will follow suit.
  • Edward Snowden calls Apple CSAM plans 'disaster-in-the-making'

    Every other cloud provider has been scanning/hashing your photo's for years. So they know everything, Apple's implementation makes it so that Apple knows nothing about you, except if you have CSAM pictures ... and only if you are using iCloud. Mister Snowdon has been silent on all the other implementations that are truly a privacy disaster (The Billions made from it scanning your content are just a proof how effective Google and Facebook use this data). The assumption that governments may ask Apple to scan for other content is just plain stupid, it's speculative and if they really want this, tech companies would be forced already with legislation.
    PS wonder why there is no FaceTime in the middle east ... pure legislation ... 
  • Apple highlights PUBG Mobile on same day it's set to close 'Fortnite' account

    crowley said:
    DAalseth said:
    crowley said:
    DAalseth said:
    crowley said:
    Apple_Bar said:
    From Epic’s email:

    “Epic lowered prices through a direct payment option, but Apple is blocking Fortnite in order to prevent Epic from passing on the savings from direct payments to players.”

    They are making an extra $1 from these d*mb players. They still don’t see it and believe the #freefornite c*ap. 
    So?  It's still $2 less for players, and Epic wil have to cover payment processing themselves.  Epic aren't claiming that they're a non-profit.  Not sure why you think any of this makes the players dumb (or why dumb needs to be censored).
    You said the magic word. “Epic will have to cover payment processing themselves”. The added cost will mean prices to the customer will not drop at all. 
    Except that Epic already indicated that they would.  Epic's price was $7.99 for DLC that cost $9.99 using IAP.  Not sure what gotcha you think you've stumbled on there, but it's easily dismissed.
    Because companies lie. This price drop would be gone in a few months. Seen it happen over and over. 
    The Epic Game Store has had a lower commission rate (12%) than Steam (30%, same as Apple) for over 18 months.  Your reckons are not supported by observable facts.
    Sure they do not review the app for compliance on Android or iOS privacy and security, do not check for usability, interface consistency. They do not need to develop the OS, they pretty make much more money then Google and Apple at 30% ... they just host it and do the pavement processing, that probably costs them 1%, the rest pure benefit ...  
  • Apple not a monopoly but must allow alternate payment methods for apps, judge rules

    Initial reaction, Apple we are Happy with the verdict, but we are studying the complete verdict. Epic, we appeal, guess it’s clear who has won.
  • The Apple Car is highly rated by possible buyers before it exists

    For those believing in Hydrogen, it needs to be way more efficient, Battery car is from electricity production to consumption 75% efficient, Hydrogen 35% …
    Also after filling up 5 hydrogen cars, the station needs to regenerate and so filling up takes more time after a while … Last but not least, in Norway they had some but they needed to close temporarily as one blew up, luckily no one was injured. 
    (Not all H2 is green, in fact today 95% is made by refraction of methane ;-))
  • Tesla, BMW don't appear to be gearing up to join Apple's new CarPlay vision

    MplsP said:

    /fanatics are very similar to Apple fans. There are plenty of people who still say “you’re holding it wrong” and there are plenty of Tesla fans who say “you’re driving it wrong.” What’s really entertaining is to see Tesla fans slam Apple fans, and see Apple fans slam Tesla fans both for the same reason. 

    I say this as someone who owns and likes Apple products and owns and likes a Tesla. I’m also someone who doesn’t drink Kool Aid from either company. I like my MBP and iPhone and I like my Tesla. Neither company is perfect, though.
    The funny thing though was that if you held your blackberry the same way, the antenna attenuation was the same …

    Anyway I’m bought and Apple user and a Tesla driver, I can only say this, I will keep on buying Apple Products, buit my 2020 Model X will be my first and last Tesla … 
    I would be limited by the number of characters I can post. A colleague of mine recently had an accident with her Tesla Model 3, still in the repair chop after 4 month’s … 

    Some random points me and my friends experienced Tesla ownership:
    - Phantom breaking (my 6 year old Germans car has better high way adaptive cruise control)
    - low sun, no AP available
    - no real 360 camera, really? (Pathetic rear and side view cam’s are not really 360, let alone if you drive fwd)
    - accusing Apple of being closed, yet no Android auto or Apple CarPlay
    - try to get in when it’s freezing, guess they do not have that in CA ;-)
    - automatic wipers, still beta and utterly unusable 
    - no cross traffic assistance when reversing of the drive way (again my 6 year old German car has that)
    The list of missing features is long, but I’m bored …

    I’ll leave out the personal service issues I have, had to many to count and to small a sample, but if you go on social media, strangely enough the list I see there, matches mine 90%

    I thought it would be better with Model Y, but some reviews on YT made me decide to cancel my Y.

    They are/where the most efficient EV’s out there, but the current generation of EV’s come pretty close and even beat Tesla at that, the only reason for me left was the supercharger network, but after they have opened that up in many EU countries, I decided my next one will not be a Tesla anymore, and in fact my friends that have one, only one will stay Tesla, the rest will move to their previous brands, mostly BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche … seems like Germans know how to build cars and are finally catching up to Tesla, now if they only could build them at scale, granted that is something Tesla has figured out, and is in this society probably more important, as waiting 12 month’s for a car is something most of us can’t stand, instant gratification is the rage and pleasure delaying is not ;-)