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  • Apple TV+ launches with original series and movies

    I just saw the first of Episode of See, if all the content is of the same quality, I'm in! Just amazing ... what a relief!
  • Without irony, Microsoft CEO says Google unfairly dominates search

    Says the CEO of a company that literally has dominated the computer OS scene. Because of that domination killed of Lotus 1-2-3 with Word/Excel/Powerpoint … And did exactly the same with collaboration and Teams … all because they bundled everything together … boohooo cry me a river. Yes Zoom had a short lived success in the beginning of the pandemic, but the platform power of MS quickly ended that.
  • Cook 'incredibly excited' about generative AI coming to Apple gear later in 2024

    charlesn said:
    Considering how badly Apple has fumbled voice assistant capabilities--Siri remains, as ever, the dumbest student in the class--I have concerns about how well it will deploy advanced AI capabilities. I am all-in on Apple devices EXCEPT when it comes smart speakers and voice-controlled lights and appliances. Part of the reason is because Siri continues to be frustratingly and profoundly stupid--but mainly, it's because Alexa and Google are in everything and Siri is not. 

    I think Tim said what he had to say today for the benefit of Wall Street because Apple is simply not in the conversation when it comes to AI... except to ask, "Where is Apple in all of this?" which is not the question you want raised. The lack of specifics in what he said did not inspire confidence--I guess he's hoping to have some meat on the bones by WWDC in June. And you can blah, blah, blah all you want about how much AI is already in Apple products, but it doesn't change the fact that, as a company, they are not in the AI conversation like MSFT, NVDA, GOOG, META, etc. 
    Yeah if you look at Siri as Apple’s AI effort you are wright, except Siri was never’s Apple AI effort, it was pre AI/ML era created and still is. If you see ChatGPT as smart, well until recently it could not answer a simple reasoning question like if it take 4 hours for a towel to dry outside in the sun how long does it take to dry 20, it did 4x20, just know they programmed that out to give the correct answer … (still hard to solve by AI so they are just faking the answer)

    AI euh excuse me ML is being backed into every product since 2017 from a HW perspective, and FaceID was the real visible use of AI/ML of Apple, but to name just a few things that Apple has used ML more and more. The Translate App that is really fast and completely offline supporting dozens of Languages, recognizing objects and people in photo’s you can look up in your library. All the features that people with disabilities use, are almost all based on AI/ML. The dictation tool that works way better than Siri by the way, AI/ML, The autocorrect / suggestion, finally uses AI/ML and is finally descent … Centerstage … etc etc etc … So all in all things I use daily, while I used ChatGPT in the beginning for fun, I stopped using it, the initial high and wow has gone and some meh feeling took over. Yes for coding it has potential or for some very niche use cases it could be great, replacing jobs, but do we really want to replace humans buy a chatbot …

  • Microsoft says that if Apple isn't stopped now, its antitrust behavior will just get worse...

    Oh Microsoft what about M365? You actually leverage your Win position to force out all other MDM/Office/Identity providers out of the market, (everyone is leaving MDM platforms as you offer Intune for “free” ) What about Xbox, and you buying up game developers … Sore losers, but fear not, people will eventually see this and cancel their M365 subs, I know my company with 300 seats just did, just because they feel abused … and Apple is offering Apple Business Essentials … I hope a lot will follow suit.
  • Edward Snowden calls Apple CSAM plans 'disaster-in-the-making'

    Every other cloud provider has been scanning/hashing your photo's for years. So they know everything, Apple's implementation makes it so that Apple knows nothing about you, except if you have CSAM pictures ... and only if you are using iCloud. Mister Snowdon has been silent on all the other implementations that are truly a privacy disaster (The Billions made from it scanning your content are just a proof how effective Google and Facebook use this data). The assumption that governments may ask Apple to scan for other content is just plain stupid, it's speculative and if they really want this, tech companies would be forced already with legislation.
    PS wonder why there is no FaceTime in the middle east ... pure legislation ... 
  • How to use iPad as a Mac replacement and why you'd want to

    Funny to read all the comments of users that sum up facts why the iPad cannot work for them, just a proof of the statement made 🤷‍♂️
    I do everything on my iPad Pro, now the M4 one. Mail/Calendar/Keynotes (also making them)/Notes/Webex/Teams/Excel/Expense App/Slack/ slew of internal web based Apps … + a slew of other apps for media consumption, my car app … So easy, every time I use a mac it feels cluttered / limited … I use my iPad with Magic Pro keyboard and external screen when at the office or at home (for work)  
  • Apple not a monopoly but must allow alternate payment methods for apps, judge rules

    Initial reaction, Apple we are Happy with the verdict, but we are studying the complete verdict. Epic, we appeal, guess it’s clear who has won.
  • The Apple Car is highly rated by possible buyers before it exists

    For those believing in Hydrogen, it needs to be way more efficient, Battery car is from electricity production to consumption 75% efficient, Hydrogen 35% …
    Also after filling up 5 hydrogen cars, the station needs to regenerate and so filling up takes more time after a while … Last but not least, in Norway they had some but they needed to close temporarily as one blew up, luckily no one was injured. 
    (Not all H2 is green, in fact today 95% is made by refraction of methane ;-))
  • OLED iPad Pro owners discover grainy display problem

    On a 13 inch model here, better display than my 12.9 M2 ... it could be a manufacturing defect and you can get a replacement for sure or, more likely a software glitch that is fixable by an update. So I do not see the issue, just to be clear.