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  • Without irony, Microsoft CEO says Google unfairly dominates search

    Says the CEO of a company that literally has dominated the computer OS scene. Because of that domination killed of Lotus 1-2-3 with Word/Excel/Powerpoint … And did exactly the same with collaboration and Teams … all because they bundled everything together … boohooo cry me a river. Yes Zoom had a short lived success in the beginning of the pandemic, but the platform power of MS quickly ended that.
  • Antitrust chief says EU has delayed Big Tech regulation too long

    The thing is though, Apple is the sole provider of apps, there is no competing stores like there is in the retail space.

    Walmart has Target and numerous other stores they compete with... The App Store has none...

    Some may argue that the Play Store is competition, but how can you really say that when you need a completely different device in order to access it?

    iOS competes with Android, the App Store does not compete with the Play Store, and that's where the comparison to retail falls apart.

    Walmart can't tell Target "You can't build your store here because we have one of ours in the city already.", but Apple is doing exactly that with the App Store.
    While true the App Store is the only way to get an Application, which Apple offers for free by the way, payments and accounts can be offered outside the store. so a developer/consumer has choice.
    I think we can all agree that you cannot expect Walmart to offer Target Pricing so the consumer can decide to go to Target in case it is cheaper. However Apple is now obliged to make that happen, so cased closed one would think, oh no .... The true gist of the story here is that Europe is jealous of US Tech, and is grasping at straws to get the EU tech industry back in the game ...

  • Edward Snowden calls Apple CSAM plans 'disaster-in-the-making'

    Every other cloud provider has been scanning/hashing your photo's for years. So they know everything, Apple's implementation makes it so that Apple knows nothing about you, except if you have CSAM pictures ... and only if you are using iCloud. Mister Snowdon has been silent on all the other implementations that are truly a privacy disaster (The Billions made from it scanning your content are just a proof how effective Google and Facebook use this data). The assumption that governments may ask Apple to scan for other content is just plain stupid, it's speculative and if they really want this, tech companies would be forced already with legislation.
    PS wonder why there is no FaceTime in the middle east ... pure legislation ... 
  • Apple's gross margin is highest its been in 9 years

    elijahg said:

    Apparently everyone who’s prepared to pay is already in the Mac market, otherwise Mac sales wouldn’t be flat since 2012. Cook gloats that 50% of people buying Macs are new to the platform, which considering flat sales means 50% of existing Mac users are leaving the platform too. He leaves out that not so tasty little nugget. 
    While that remark could have been a valid one 9 month's ago, it isn't anymore ... look at Gartner and IDC's market share numbers especially the last 3 month's more than 2% gain to the prior year is nothing short of a miracle. M1 has re-started the Mac momentum and iPhone / iPad users are starting to be interested in the Mac. 90% of tech reviews praise the M1, and it seems people read these articles and also word of mouth is fuelling the Mac moment, every M1 user I speak is super happy ... and it has translated in sales that even surpassed Apple's Q1 level, lust crazy. This is only the first inning, when the Pro models launch expect a second acceleration.
  • Apple's Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro up for preorder on Amazon, supposedly ships on May 30

    I’ve been using the previous iPP 12.9 with Magic Trackpad, OMG, it really rocks. I have the new iPP on order and will order the keyboard too, it beats any tablet / surface out there. A major thing about this design is lap ability ... it really is THE FEATURE that sets it apart in this categorie. Without the need to go third party ... in the past I always tried those third party solutions keyboards on surface and iPads, all I can say is I’m done with them ...