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  • Sprint calls AT&T's '5G E' branding 'fake 5G' in letter to consumers, promises own 5G netw...

    At some point will Tim Apple realize this mislabeled stunted performance will give his phones a bad reputation for the future real 5G world? I’m very surprised Apple will permit this.
  • Lawsuit blaming Apple's FaceTime for fatal car crash dismissed

    Why sue Apple? Cell phones have been in cars for 25 years. Why not sue the auto manufacturers for permitting their car to move when a cell phone is on? Why not sue the carrier for continuing connection in a moving (to also cover bikes and walkers) situation? Why not sue the FCC for not requiring a chain anchor to cell phones to prevent their use while moving? Why not sue the retailer for not ripping out the tongue and amputating the fingertips of cell purchasers who use a driver license as ID? Etc, etc, etc....
  • Ring's app caught spying on users, sharing data with third-parties

    Every loyalty card and electronic device in every nook and cranny of our lives is gathering every tiny bit of data on us, for what purpose? To advertise to us? Not only do I neither care about advertisements, they more often then not remind me of products I either don’t want or purposely avoid because the commercials are abhorrent. For example Allstate and Geico latest commercials, or that insurance company with the guy acting like a dog. Absolutely disgusts me. And I wouldn’t ever buy anything I am not looking for or just because it’s advertised on  
    the internet if it does manage to get by my ad blockers, any more than I would listen to a robocallers pitch. I don’t even glance at internet ads so I couldn’t possibly learn or buy anything from them. I sit in amazement at the companies that are spending all this money on ads I won’t see, and most likely turn me off to their brand. So Amazon already knows what toilet paper I use and what net hardware I have. That doesn’t mean I won’t look for signs of the fake reviews, counterfeit merchandise they sell or cheaper prices elsewhere. So they have all this data. I don’t like it, have never had a Facebook account and just don’t see the purpose. Sometimes I just repeatedly click on ads for fun without ever looking at or reading them. And when I’m bored I will lead a robocall person on for 45 minutes with all kinds of phony statements seeing how many alternatives to the word “yes” I can come up with (ok, go ahead, proceed, I’m listening etc).
  • Apple must face sex bias lawsuit from janitorial service, California judge rules

    Beats said:
    Psh. Typical woman in business who thinks she is assertive, but she's just pushy.

    Had she been a man this would be laughed at. Since it's a female she may win.
    Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.
    Yes, just like Goerring said to....