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  • Ring's app caught spying on users, sharing data with third-parties

    Every loyalty card and electronic device in every nook and cranny of our lives is gathering every tiny bit of data on us, for what purpose? To advertise to us? Not only do I neither care about advertisements, they more often then not remind me of products I either don’t want or purposely avoid because the commercials are abhorrent. For example Allstate and Geico latest commercials, or that insurance company with the guy acting like a dog. Absolutely disgusts me. And I wouldn’t ever buy anything I am not looking for or just because it’s advertised on  
    the internet if it does manage to get by my ad blockers, any more than I would listen to a robocallers pitch. I don’t even glance at internet ads so I couldn’t possibly learn or buy anything from them. I sit in amazement at the companies that are spending all this money on ads I won’t see, and most likely turn me off to their brand. So Amazon already knows what toilet paper I use and what net hardware I have. That doesn’t mean I won’t look for signs of the fake reviews, counterfeit merchandise they sell or cheaper prices elsewhere. So they have all this data. I don’t like it, have never had a Facebook account and just don’t see the purpose. Sometimes I just repeatedly click on ads for fun without ever looking at or reading them. And when I’m bored I will lead a robocall person on for 45 minutes with all kinds of phony statements seeing how many alternatives to the word “yes” I can come up with (ok, go ahead, proceed, I’m listening etc).
  • Apple says it's been losing money on its repair programs

    I smell a large pile of cow manure. If they were losing money on repairs, they could just abandon that area and let independents service the products. And this on top of Cook going along with the “New Austin factory!!!! Yay!! “ .

    Beginning to feel like you cant get an honest word out of Apple either these days. I’ve never given a dime about which supplier I use, but you know its bad when formerly Apple dedicated wife has been building on Alexa and is talking about nothing but Fire products. She’s still hot on the watch though.
  • New 'Service' battery message in iOS pushes consumers toward official replacement

    sergioz said:
    I am on Apple side here. Third-party batteries blowing up iPhones and tarnishing brand. This right to repair is a two way stick. One side is good for users because third-party replacements parts are cheap, but unfortunate for Apple because once something goes wrong it’s Apple’s fault. 
    Here’s a thought though, completely inverting your premise: It is understood Apple is blamed for anything that goes wrong, if an Apple OR third party battery explodes. Now, assuming the battery monitor actually provides useful information about a battery’s condition, letting a third party battery go unmonitored is more likely to let a battery explode with no advance warning. Had Apple let the user monitor the battery he may have been able to remove it/have it removed prior to an explosion that will cause Apple, in this circumstance, well deserved blame for a battery exploding, no?

  • New 'Service' battery message in iOS pushes consumers toward official replacement

    jbdragon said:
    If Apple wasn't screwing users with $1000+ repair jobs when you can bring it someplace and they'll fix it for $100 or even FREE in some cases as it's a simple fix and yet Apple says you need to replace all this stuff for whatever reason, Ya, Right to Repair should be the rule. There is no need for Apple to do this with battery's. This is Apple just trying to scare people and forced to go to Apple. You can tell this when you use even Apple's own batteries and it still does this message.

    Stop with the excuses. This is why Apple has been getting away with locking their stuff down just so only THEY can fix things. Or really up sell you to new hardware. How about you buy a new car, it's time to replace the tires, you go to a 3rd party tire shop, get new tires put on, start to drive away and a Warning Service light pops up on the dash? Oh no!!! Find out you have to go back to the Ford Dealer Ship, and get Official Ford Tires that are keyed for your car. If you took those FORD tires and put them on Another Ford, the same warning message would pop up. This is what Apple is doing!!!! Wake up.

    Watch some of the other videos from Louis Rossmann, including one about Apple's T2 chip.

    Thanks for the info! Very good. One question I can ask is how did two different generations of Apple TV stop working (one bricked, one no audio) immediately after software updates about a year apart? In both cases, the Apple Genius Bar said they couldn’t/wouldn’t load the older software and said “too bad, buy a new one”. So I did, and after the second one I can say the new Amazon Fire TV Cube is a terrific device!
  • Apple's temporary Fifth Avenue store coping with bed bug infestation

    rvail623 said:
    Bedbug eradication is hampered by the fact that the little critters tend to leave their eggs behind, after the adults have succumbed to insecticides. Which have tough egg shells that insecticides cannot very easily penetrate.
    Irradiation! Instead of metal detectors an irradiation walk through, as they do in food irradiation. Once the building is clean, it should knock those little pests out of any layers of clothing. Otherwise, Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!